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A few more weeks went by and they were looking at the time frame of the birth of their child.
"Come on. As much as I've enjoyed the thought and process of having you I want my body back. That and my liver." Loki told his belly.
Tony chuckled at Loki as he watched the god talk to his belly. It was really quite the sight to behold. Toki looked at his father then back at his notebook and continued with his designs.
“Loki, one of these days people will think you’re insane.” Tony grinned and walked over to his husband with a bowl of fruit.
“Papa, look!” Toki held up his drawing with a big grin.
"Very lovely, thank you." Loki took the bowl with a smile.
Looking at Toki's design he smiled.
"Sir Director Fury is calling. It's not an emergency."
"For once Loki told him.
Stark we need you to come in tomorrow for a few hours to help the tech team upgrade the security systems."
"But tomorrow's Valentine's day." Loki stated.
“I don’t care what day it is. No one has the day off tomorrow, so Stark isn’t getting the day off either. Besides, he’s a genius, I’m sure he’ll be done in no time.” Fury didn’t look like he was in the mood for a fight. Tony opened his mouth to say something then groaned out and ran his hands over his face.
“Seriously? Come on, of all the days you could call me in!”
“Tomorrow Stark!”
"The second I get my powers back I'm turning you into a woman again." Loki threatened.
"Ew!" Fenrir exclaimed at the thought.
"Watch it Stark." Fury warned.
“Babe, remember I work for the guy and see him every day that I can’t avoid it.” Tony looked at Loki, pleading with him quietly. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the thought of Loki messing with Fury, but he didn’t want to have to deal with the man afterwards.
“It’s just some tech upgrades. If you’re really as good as you say all the time, then you should be done in no time.”
“Fine, fine. But I’m going over early.”
“If you can wake yourself up early enough then I’ll let you work alone.” Fury chuckled at that idea. Tony never got up early for most anything.
"Could you at least give him the chance to feed our children first before kidnapping him?" Loki asked.
"You haven't had that baby yet?" Fury asked.
"Don't you think if I did you'd know?" Loki asked.
“Well considering Mr. Stark is kind enough to never inform me of anything, I assume I would be the last person to hear about it.”
“I tell you about plenty of things that go on in my life!” No he didn’t, but if Tony pretended that he did then it became slightly more realistic.
“Sure you do. Just remember; seven in the morning is the latest you can be here. If you get here after that, I’ll make you stay the whole day.”
Tony growled out annoyed. Seven in the morning? He wasn’t sure he could do it, but one look at Loki told him he’d have to. Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day, he couldn’t miss it.
Fury cut the connection. "Asshole." Loki grumbled slumping back.
Loki sighed. "We’ll get on in the morning with you for one day. At least we might be able to have some bit of dinner." Loki smiled at his husband.
Tony chuckled and kissed Loki’s forehead.
“Hey, don’t worry. I’ll be done with all that stuff before you know it. And I’ll give you the best dinner you’ve ever had.”
It was torture. Tony groaned as he woke up the next morning and dragged himself out of bed. His eyes weren’t even open all the way as the playboy got into the shower, his hair now down to his shoulders. After all, Loki had asked him to let it grow out until the baby was born. Besides, he looked rather dashing with it long; like one of those guys from the Mexican soap operas. Tony finished his shower and got dressed, then pressed a soft kiss to Loki’s cheek before heading out.
"Papa, wake up. Wake up Papa." Fenrir nudged his father.
Waking up Loki smiled at his son.
"Happy Valentine's day Papa." the boys smiled at him. "What have you two cooked up?" Loki asked noticing that his boys were carrying food.
"Jarvis helped. And we got these for you too." Fenrir smiled giving him the cards.
"Thank you boys."
"So Tony how's Loki doing? It’s around time for him to deliver right?" Bruce asked.
Toki grinned and helped Fenrir get the food tray up on the bed. The boys sat up on either side of their father, and Toki kissed Loki’s cheek.
“Happy Day!” He wasn’t sure what they were supposed to be celebrating, but clearly it was important.
“He’s doing fine, I think. The pain’s getting worse though.” Tony looked over the machine he was working on again then hacked into it with his laptop. He typed several things into his computer and the machine started to hum quietly.
“He said it shouldn’t be too long now. I can’t wait!” Tony grinned at his friend, his excitement showing in his eyes.
Loki sat eating his breakfast with the boys when he dropped his fork and let both hands rest on his stomach. Loki suddenly felt wet underneath.
"Oh just great." Loki grit his teeth.
"What's wrong Papa?"
Toki looked on with worried eyes.
"Boys I need you to do me a few things okay? Fenrir I want you to run a hot bath for me. Toki I need you to get some towels. Once you've done that I’ll tell you then next part."
Toki whimpered a bit but ran off and did as his father told him. He grabbed all the towels he could find and brought them back to Loki.
“Papa, what’s wrong?” He watched Loki with worried eyes and started nibbling on his lips.
“Sir, shall I inform Mr. Tony Stark?” JARVIS spoke, causing Toki to jump slightly.
“You’re pretty stoked huh?”
“Would you be? Bruce, I’m going to have a real family. Not a pretend one with my pillow.” Tony chuckled and kept working then blinked as he felt his phone vibrate.
“Hang on. Hello?”
“Stark, get back to work! I didn’t call you here to…!” Fury didn’t even get to finish what he was saying. Tony’s face went pale and he suddenly grabbed his things and ran out. It was certainly faster than the director had ever seen him move.
"There's nothing to be scared of Toki." Loki told him breathing slowly through his nose as he felt another contraction.
Fenrir came back.
"Alright Fenrir go into the drawer and get the salves and the box that's there. Toki go in the baby's room and bring me a blanket and something for the baby to wear."
As the boys did as they were told Loki got up and made his way into the bathroom slowly stripping and getting in.
Toki nodded and felt his heart race as he ran into the baby’s room. He grabbed a thick blanket and looked through the drawers, grabbing the first onesies he saw. Toki ran back into the bathroom and set the things down by the tub.
“Sir, Mr. Tony Stark is on his way. He seems very worried about you.”
Tony was pretty sure he ran at least three red lights on the way back to the tower. He finally got back and parked the car crooked in the garage before running upstairs.
“Did I miss it?!”
“No sir, Mr. Loki Stark has only just started the process. But I would suggest you wait outside.”
Loki tried to wait as long as possible to hold out for his husband but knew Tony would forgive him if he started without him.
Fenrir sat with Toki outside the bedroom door waiting listening. Fenrir had shifted into his wolf form pacing back and forth to make himself feel better.
Loki took the blade in hand and took a breath.
Toki sat on the floor and watched Fenrir for a while before going and grabbing his notebook. He doodled random things for a while, but couldn’t avoid being nervous. What was going on? Tony suddenly burst into the bedroom, his breathing heavy from having run all the way upstairs.
“Is it over yet?!” Tony looked at his sons then over at the bathroom and was about to run in. Was he late? Was it all over already?
There was a sudden wailing sound from within the bedroom. A sound every new parent looks forward to hearing. Fenrir looked up at Tony and shifted back to being a boy.
"Shh, shh, shh." Loki held the child against his chest. The slaves were already doing their job in repairing the incision Loki'd made.
"My baby boy."
Tony walked in and felt a large smile split his face. He walked over to Loki and looked at the baby in his arms.
“Oh my God.” Tony felt tears in his eyes as he touched the baby’s head softly then placed a soft kiss on the messy head.
“Did you umm, did you pick a name?” The inventor looked at his husband, his grin starting to hurt his cheeks. Toki and Fenrir heard the noise and walked over cautiously.
"Remus Antonio Stark." Loki smiled tiredly up at his husband.
Toki and Fenrir slid closer to get a look at their new baby brother. "Hand me the blanket." Loki pointed to it sitting on the toilet seat.
Loki removed the towel he'd cleaned the baby off with and wrapped him in the blanket handing him to Tony.
Tony’s hands shook a bit as he held the baby in his arms and he felt his heart race. It was amazing, seeing the child he’d helped to create. He rocked the baby slowly then pressed his lips to the boy’s forehead.
“Hey Remus, I’m your dad, your weird dad. And you don’t know this yet, but you’re going to be so spoiled.” Tony chuckled then sat next to Loki and kissed him softly.
“Do you want me to get you onto the bed?”
Toki walked into the room and ran over when he saw Tony holding something.
“Papa, that the baby?”
"In a moment." Loki slumped back against the time.
Remus at that moment finally decided to open his eyes and have a look around. His eyes were red. Bright red like a Jotun's. His skin wasn't blue but it did have a cool feel to it.
"Red eyes?" Fenrir said.
"Go figure." Loki chuckled.
“Look at that, he’s adorable.” Tony spoke softly and knelt down so his sons could get a better look at their brother.
“See that kids? He’s your baby brother.”
“Brother?” Toki smiled and reached a hand out to Remus slowly. He touched the baby’s cheek softly and giggled.
“He feel warm.”
“He does huh? He must get that from me.” Tony grinned and rocked the baby slowly.
"Sir its director Fury."
"Stark what the hell do you think you're doing? I didn’t give you permission to leave."
"Oh shut up Fury." Loki groaned.
"Stark you better watch your mouth and have a damn good reason for leaving."
Tony looked at the screen then held up his son for Fury to see.
“I’m a dad. And keep your voice down, you’re scaring my kid.” Tony tried to sound upset, but couldn’t really pull it off with the big smile on his face. Remus started to fuss a bit and Tony set him back with Loki to be fed.
“Oh my God.” Fury stared in complete disbelief. If he hadn’t been seeing it for himself, he wouldn’t believe it. The director sighed out and ran a hand over his bald head.
“You’d better get back down here later for finish up these machines. Bruce is already mostly done with his part.”
“Oh! I need to call him and tell him!”
“Hey, we’re not done talking!”
"Yes you are. Jarvis cut the connection please."
"Right away sir. Calling Doctor Banner and the others, including Ms. Potts as well. Jarvis told them.
Loki gave Remus his finger to suck on for a moment.
The red eyes looked at him.
"You know if you ever feel the need to blame someone for those eyes you can always come and say something to me." Loki kissed the child's forehead.
New chapter~
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