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“He has beautiful eyes. Just like his daddy.” Tony smiled and kissed Loki softly before Bruce’s voice was heard.
“Tony? What is it?”
“Yeah Stark, what’s so important you had to interrupt all of us?” Clint, Nat, Steve and Pepper all chimed in and waited for an explanation.
“You guys, Loki just had the baby. I’m a father!”
There was a stunned silence followed by a mass of congratulations and questions.
“What color is the baby?”
“Boy or girl?”
“What did you name it?”
“Can I go over and see?”
“Tony, why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
“Hey, hey! Everyone settle down. I didn’t know until just before the big moment, so there was no way I was going to take the time to invite all of you. Besides, Loki and Remus need to rest.”
Both Natasha and Pepper cooed at the name.
"Agent Barton I think it's time for your flying lessons." Loki smirked. He'd felt his magic start to return and snapped his fingers covering the man in feathers and cutting that connection.
Everyone else understood that Loki needed the rest as well as the baby. So they promised to stop by in due time to meet the newest Stark.
"Anthony, take him."
“Right.” Tony scooped Remus into his arms, cooing the baby until he nodded off again and kissed his forehead. It was certainly an amazing experience, holding his child. The inventor chuckled again and smiled as Toki walked over.
“I hold Remus?”
“Not yet kiddo, you’re too little. And Remus is really fragile, so you have to be careful.”
Toki pouted and nodded his head, but couldn’t take his eyes off his little brother. The tiny blue boy looked so different from anything Toki had ever seen. The boy walked over to Loki and held his hand softly.
“Papa, you tired?”
"Very." Loki smiled softly. "I'll be alright though."
As Tony was helping Loki get settled Fenrir had been watching Remus sleep in his crib.
"Papa. Remus not blue anymore he has skin like Blue heart." Fenrir told them.
"Huh. Well then."
Tony felt his heart leap up into his throat. He finished adjusting Loki on the bed then went over to the crib and smiled down at his son.
“See? My skin and your pretty hair.” Tony touched his son’s head softly then went back to his husband.
“You have no idea how fucking happy I am right now.” Tony held his husband’s hands then kissed his bony knuckles softly. Toki watched his parents for a moment then went over to the crib and looked at his brother.
“He so tiny.” Toki looked at Fenrir curiously. “He grow up?”
Remus wriggled around in his blanket already wanting his parents.
At shield Natasha had a great deal on Money in her pocket Clint having lost a few bets with one more still to check but that could wait a few days as the family adjusted to the newest addition.
"Your skin, my Jotun eyes, my hair, he has your nose." Loki smiled. Remus had been dressed and fed and was now just being held for the simple fact it had been a very hard nine months.
“Look at him; we make the most adorable children I’ve ever seen.” Tony smiled as he held his son. Remus gripped Tony’s shirt a bit and the inventor felt his heart would burst. Everything Remus did was adorable to him, but as Loki kept warning him, that would soon grow old. He knew better than to argue, but he could imagine.
“He’ll grow. But right now he’s a baby.” Fenrir rubbed Toki’s head then looked at his brother.
“Papa, why Remus take your nose?”
One of these days Tony would have to sit Toki down and explain genetics to him, but for now that could wait. He chuckled and shook his head.
“He didn’t really take my nose; his nose just looks like mine.”
Toki nodded seeming satisfied with the answer. "He needs a bottle Anthony. There’s one in the cabinet it just needs a bit of milk and to be warmed up." Loki told him.
While Tony was away he Loki got Remus diapered and changed.
"There's my beautiful boy."
Tony got the bottle warmed up and double checked the milk to make sure it wasn’t too hot. Satisfied with himself, Tony went back to his son and held the boy close.
“All right Remus, let’s get you fed.” Tony placed the nipple of the bottle near the boy’s lips and he latched almost immediately.
“Someone’s hungry.
"Take the bottle from him he's drinking too quickly." Loki said. That made the gas worse.
Pepper finished what she needed to and went to go check on tony and Loki to see how they were doing and to get a sneak peak and what they'd all been waiting for.
"Hey everyone." Pepper popped into the doorway with a smile.
Tony nodded and did as he was told. This was a lot trickier than he thought. After a while he got used to it, and he smiled confidently.
“I have skill.”
“Of course you do.” Pepper chuckled and rolled her eyes then went over to Loki.
“You look good for someone who just gave birth. How was it?”
"Considering it's been centuries since I had Fenrir I don't want to do it again for a while yet."
"You'd settled for more?" Pepper asked.
"Can I hold him Loki?" Pepper thought it better to ask Loki considering the man was protective of his children she didn't want to over step.
Tony didn’t want to let go of his kid. This was the first time in nine months he’d gotten to hold Remus, and his selfish side was really starting to show. He secretly prayed his husband would say, and he groaned when Loki said yes. Pepper went over with a smile and took Remus into her arms.
“He’s so small. He looks like a perfect mix of you two.”
“He does huh? That’s my nose.”
“Papa, baby take your nose?!”
“No, no, look.” Tony knelt down and explained it again to Toki, trying to calm the boy down.
“See, the baby’s nose looks like mine, just like his hair looks like Loki’s. He didn’t really take them.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, I’m positive. Don’t worry.”
Loki only said yes to anger his husband. He knew that Tony would hate it because it was his first child. Remus opened his eyes again to look at Pepper.
"Where did those eyes come from?" she asked looking at tony then at Loki.
"Those would be my fault." Loki said.
Pepper had heard that Loki looked completely different but she never actually saw.
“Yep, those pretty rubies in my kids’ face are from his Asgardian daddy. D’you know your daddy is a prince Remus? Yeah, I bet you didn’t know huh?”
“Wait, but Loki’s eyes are green.”
Oh right. Tony hadn’t really explained to Pepper how Loki was different from Thor; aside from the hair and the eyes and everything really. He’d told Pepper he was a Jotun, but had never actually explained what that was. The inventor puffed out his cheeks in thought then looked at his husband.
“Do you want to tell her? Cause I would probably mess it up completely.”
“Daddy blue!” Toki danced around excitedly as he spoke up.
Pepper looked at Loki.
"It's true Ms. Potts. I'm just vain that's why." Loki explained.
"Show her." Fenrir said.
"You don't have to do that Loki I understand." she said.
"Uncle Thor says be proud." Toki told him.
Tony looked at his husband and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. As his husband, Tony loved Loki more than anything; as a man, he feared Loki above all else. He was cold, precise and unafraid to do whatever it took to get what he wanted. But when it came down to his true heritage, he shunned it like a dirty secret. The inventor smiled to himself and kissed Loki’s cheek.
“Long story short, he’s blue with red eyes. And it’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.”
“What? I’m admiring my husband.” He grinned stupidly then quickly scooped Remus back up. He was tired of sharing.
Loki blushed. Tony was the only one to make him do that. Every time he talked about how much he loved his Jotun form. Loki held that information very close to him. He didn't want to be seen as a monster by anyone else. Just because one person doesn't think so doesn't mean all won't.
Pepper smiled a bit, realizing that there were some things she’d just never know about Loki, his heritage being one of them.
“Really Tony? Do you not trust me to hold your son?”
“I trust you just fine. I just don’t want to share my kid with you right now.” Tony shrugged and continued rocking his son gently. Remus felt so warm in his arms. Pepper just rolled her eyes and shook her head. Of course that’s all that was on Tony’s mind right now, he just became a father. The man would probably be spending the next several weeks in a state of absolute bliss.
"Let him have it this time around Ms. Potts." Loki smiled.
Pepper nodded and said her good byes.
Loki leaned back against the pillows closing his eyes. He wanted to sleep for days.
His organs were still shifting around and his magic was slowly returning.
"Papa, okay?" Toki asked.
"I'm fine, just need to go to bed."
“You can go ahead and sleep Babe. I’ll watch the kids.” Tony smiled and kissed Loki’s forehead softly before setting Remus down in his crib. The baby shifted a bit in his sleep before settling back down again.
“Papa, the baby sleep a lot.”
“Yeah, he does. Cause he’s really little and he doesn’t have as much energy as we do. So let’s let him and daddy sleep okay?”
The boys nodded and each kissed Loki one more time before leaving the room to play out in the living room.
“Call me if you need anything.”
Loki nodded turning over and quickly falling to sleep.
Bruce walked into the tower just a few minutes later. "Hey Tony. How's Loki? How's the baby?"
Bruce had been worried as well.
"Baby tiny." Toki smiled.
“Loki and Remus are both asleep. I guess it’s been a long time since Loki had to give birth, so it really knocked him out.”
“So I guess I don’t get to see your son until he wakes up huh?”
Tony chuckled and shrugged.
“Sorry Bruce. But hey, at least you’ll get to meet Remus. He’s really the most amazing thing. His skin was light blue when he was first born, then turned closer to my skin color.”
“Blue? Oh, right, because of Loki.” Bruce had almost forgotten that little detail. He’d only seen Loki in his Jotun form once, and it was the time he and Tony were in the lab. It was before Loki and Tony were actually together, and the inventor had done something to piss the god off. It had to have been bad, though Bruce couldn’t remember what it was anymore. All he remembered was that the air got icy cold and Loki’s skin turned blue and his eyes turned red.
"Eyes red." Toki said to him.
"Red?" Bruce questioned. "More Jotun?"
Fenrir's eyes turned red when he was really mad about something.
New chapter~
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ah I used Advent bottles to feed my son they are designed to keep the kid from getting gas and believe me he very rarely had it I think it would be almost a 1 out of 12 feedings for a bit of gas and it was always minor
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