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Loki slept well for the first time in a long time.
Tony nodded at his friend’s question.
“Yeah, he got Loki’s eyes, his hair, my skin and my nose. It’s really the best combination.”
“Let’s just hope he didn’t get your ego.”
“Everyone keeps saying that! But hey, when one parent is a billionaire genius and the other a prince, you’re going to have an ego.”
“Tony you’re horrible.” Bruce chuckled and patted his friend’s shoulder. “But I’m happy for the both of you. I really never thought you’d settle down like this.”
“You know, for a while I didn’t think I ever would either.” Tony smiled at himself.
“Papa, Remus awake!” Toki tugged on his father’s shirt then followed Tony as the man went over to his son. He scooped the baby up and quickly took him out of the room, hoping not to wake Loki.
“Shh, shh, shh, Daddy’s here.”
“He’s adorable. Nothing like you at all.” Bruce chuckled and earned a full on glare from Tony.
Loki had woken up but wanted to see how well Tony could handle it before he needed to step in.
"Sir I think the room is too cold for him." Jarvis informed.
"Doesn't Loki like to sunbathe and shower to warm up? Maybe you'll have to wrap another blanket on him or turn up the heat."
“Right, cold.” Tony wasn’t sure what to do. Remus cried like he was in pain, and the inventor was starting to freak out. He rocked the boy gently and grabbed another blanket, his hands shaking a bit as he did his best to wrap him up. It seemed to help; Remus only whimpered softly, his small hands curled up under his chin.
“You know, there’s no shame in asking for help either.” Bruce said as he watched his friend. This was going to be interesting, if nothing else. Tony had experience with lots of things, but raising children was not one of them. The inventor nibbled on his lip when Remus whimpered a bit more and then he got an idea. He sat near the window, right where the sun hit the most, and laid back on the couch.
Remus settled as he felt a bit warmer.
"Jarvis turn the heat in here up just a bit more and in five minutes tell Anthony h can bring Remus back into the room." Loki told him.
It's not that Loki didn't trust his husband or the doctor he didn't have the energy right at that moment and wanted the child close to him."
Remus snuggled up to his father a bit, his little lips quivering a bit.
“Is he still cold?”
“Nah, babies do that sometimes. It’s like they’re imitating suckling on a bottle.”
Tony nodded, though he was still nervous. This was going to be a bit harder than he’d thought, but he was determined to do well for his son and Loki. After all, what kind of man would he be if he quit just because Remus cried?
“Sir, Mr. Loki Stark wanted me to inform you that you may return Remus to the room in about five minutes.”
“Oh, so soon?”
"He's asked for the temperature in the room to be increased so it's a bit more comfortable for them both. He says only if you want to."
Loki had already gone back to sleep.
"Your right Tony He's a beautiful kid."
“He is, isn’t he?” Tony marveled at his son and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. He certainly was an amazing sight to behold.
“How is Toki adjusting to the baby?”
“He’s fine, as far as I can tell. I don’t think he’s ever seen a baby though, so it’s definitely new.”
“Papa! Papa, I make robot for Remus!” As if on cue, Toki ran into the living room with a paper in his hands and showed Tony the drawing. It looked like a suit but much smaller.
“Wow, you drew that for Remus huh? Why don’t you show Bruce?”
Toki nodded and ran over to Bruce, holding up his drawing with a big smile.
Bruce looked at the picture. “That's actually really good." Bruce sad looking it over before handing it back to Toki.
"So Tony how much did Loki yell at know during?"
"Papa do it alone." Fenrir said.
“So you weren’t actually there?”
“No, but I would have taken any insult he threw at me to see it.” Tony smiled and rubbed Remus’ back gently. The boy reached out and gripped Tony’s shirt again, and other then that he didn’t move.
“I don’t know Tony; I’ve heard that can get really intense.”
“I’ve heard that too. I actually watched a few videos about that.” Tony shuddered a bit. Some of those women he’d seen took ‘I hate you’ to a whole new level. They’d thrash and crush their husband’s hands. And the men, out of love, took it all in the hopes that they could welcome their child into the world.
"Mr. Stark preformed a C-section upon himself using the salves he brought from Asgard to get him through the pain." Jarvis explained.
"Papa strong and brave." Fenrir smiled.
"Bruce told their trying to figure out how Loki could do that to himself."
Tony winced upon hearing that, and found himself with a whole new respect for his husband. It took a certain amount of valor to do something like that, and Tony was pretty sure he’d never be able to do it.
“Well, I guess now we all know. When are you going to introduce Remus to everyone else?”
“Later, I’ll get to it. I just want to have him to myself for a little while.”
Bruce had nothing but respect for the man that Loki was. "You're not letting Loki hold him at all?" Bruce asked in a joking manner.
Loki slept soundly in the other room as he heard Remus settled once again.
“I will when I’m done.” Tony pouted a bit then sighed.
“I’m just letting Loki sleep. He hasn’t done very much of that lately.”
“Well aren’t you thoughtful?”
“I am a very thoughtful person Bruce. You just haven’t taken the time to appreciate it.”
"Well I'll leave you to it. Nigh Tony, bye kids." Bruce waved one last time before leaving.
Remus slept soundly for a bit longer.
What time was it? Tony wasn’t sure how late or early it was, but someone was crying. He grumbled and rolled over before cracking one eye open. Three, three in the morning. The inventor whimpered but stood and swayed as he headed over to Remus’ room. He silently regretted having promised Loki he’d take care of Remus over night, but he knew the god needed his sleep. “If I’m going to carry your child for nine months, you’re going to take care of the rest….”
“Hey kiddo, what you crying about?” Remus cried more, his skin turning blue. Tony hoped the boy didn’t have Loki’s temperament. He picked up his son and rocked him slowly before reaching for a bottle.
Loki had woken up when Remus started crying. After a few minutes when the child stopped Loki dragged himself from bed to go save his husband.
"Here let me have him." Loki took the child rocking him slightly.
"Jarvis turn down the heat." Loki ordered turning blue and unwrapping Remus to help him cool down. Remus started to quiet down after a few minutes.
Tony sighed out and ran a hand over his face as he yawned loudly.
“I was going to do that next.” He smiled a bit, but couldn’t quite keep his eyes open. He felt like such a fool, not knowing what was wrong with Remus or how to fix it. Loki seemed to know everything just fine; he’d had several kids before this after all. But Tony couldn’t help feeling hopeless.
“I can finish rocking him if you want. You should really get to sleep.”
"Anthony, don't beat yourself up because you're not sure what to do. In a few weeks he'll be able to regulate his temperature on his own." Loki explained.
He knew Tony was feeling a bit put out not knowing what to do seeing as this was his first child and Loki's fourth. It was a bit new to him as well knowing his child had picked up many of his Jotun traits.
Remus settled down and fell back to sleep very easily. "I love you Anthony remember that. I love you no matter what even if I don't say it very often and you are a very good father.
Tony smiled at that. It had been a while since Loki had said that to him, though it was mostly due to the lack of sleep. More often than not the Jotun prince would wake up cranky and tired, and wanted only to sleep and be undisturbed, not that Tony didn’t sympathize. Lately the couple had had to survive on a maximum of four hours of sleep, if that many.
“I love you too. More than you know.” Tony kissed Loki softly and sighed out, his tired eyes fixed on his son. Deep down, he knew the late nights were worth it.
Loki laid Remus back down in his crib and smiled. Loki slowly turned back into his usual form as he and Tony walked back to their bedroom.
"It'll get easier as the days go by." Loki promised.
He went to the closet to find the fur blanket he liked to sleep under as well as the heating blanket to go under that.
Tony yawned loudly and nodded, his eyes already drooping shut. He fell onto the bed heavily and draped an arm around Loki as the god joined him on the bed.
“Our kid’s as picky as you are.” Tony chuckled at his own words, though it was mostly mumbled as he started dozing off again.
Loki smiled resting his head on his husband's chest. The familiar hum of the arc reactor, the steady in and out flow of Anthony’s steady breath. Loki fell asleep completely and stayed sleep for the first time in months.
"Good night beloved."
It was quiet when he woke up. Too quiet. Tony shifted a bit, trying to just enjoy his last minutes of sleep, but something wasn’t letting him. Normally Remus would be crying at this hour; did Loki go to him already? The inventor turned his head and felt cold in his stomach when he saw Loki next to him. He nearly jumped out of bed and darted over to his son’s room, sighing heavily when saw Toki and Fenrir inside with Remus. Fenrir held the baby to his chest while Toki bed him from the bottle.
“We take care of Remus.” Fenrir smiled, satisfied with his little accomplishment.
“Okay, enough food. Now we burp him.”
Loki bolted awake a few moments later when he reached for his husband and realized the time. Getting up he found his husband and children all well taken care of.
"Feeling better Papa?" Fenrir asked.
"Yes, I'm feeling much better Loki smiled."
There was a small burp from the child on Tony's shoulder which made Loki chuckle.
“There, see? You pat his back gently and then he’ll burp.”
“Why he no burp alone?”
“Because he’s a baby; he needs help burping because babies can’t do it on their own very well.” Tony chuckled when Remus burped and nestled the boy back in the crook of his arm. The little Jotun stared up at his father wide-eyed and Tony couldn’t help but laugh.
“Yeah, I look scary right now huh? Don’t worry; I’ll look better when I get my hair done.”
Toki giggled then ran over to Loki and hugged him, but he seemed different. His skin was slightly more pink than usual, and his eyes seemed to have a more defined iris.
Loki had smiled and ran his fingers through Tony's long hair. "I was getting so use to it." he chuckled.
When Toki hugged him he ran his hand over the boys head. He could feel the boy’s eyes watching his very intently.
"What is there something on my face?" Loki asked wiping at his mouth and cheeks.
Tony laughed and shook his head.
“A little bit of drool on your cheek; there’s more on your pillow.” Tony snickered then noticed something different about Toki.
“Toki, are you feeling okay?” Tony looked at the boy and walked over, but kept his distance. He wasn’t sure how Jotun metabolic rates worked, but he didn’t want to risk getting Remus sick. Toki blinked up at Loki and shook his head then looked at Tony.
“I fine.”
“Babe does he look more pink to you?” Tony set Remus down in the crib then went back over to Toki. “Are you sure you feel okay?”
“Yes, I feel fine.” Toki looked at his father oddly then back at Loki. “I look different?”
New chapter~
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