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This was easier than he expected; maybe he could finish before four? Tony looked over the machine and redid some wires as well as replacing other parts before backing up for a moment. There wasn’t very much that needed to be fixed. The machine actually ran pretty well on its own, but Tony’s guess was that Fury wanted the software fixed. Machines could be replaced, files and documents couldn’t. So the inventor turned it on, let it run then got into the mainframe and started working his magic.
"No. Well not really."
"He's sort of in trouble for not getting his work finished because the baby was being born and he wanted to be here. But there was so much happening he never went back." Loki explained.
Steve entered the room along with Clint and both waved to Tony. "Hey Tony." Steve hugged the man.
"Bruce told me about Remus. How's it feel to be a dad?"
"Is the kid blue?" Clint asked.
“It feels amazing. I can hardly get any sleep but I get to hold my kid now. Loki was right though; anymore sleepless nights and I think I’ll have a breakdown.” Tony groaned a bit in the tight hug but was thankful Steve remembered he was stronger than everyone else. Unlike Thor, who simply put all his love and strength into every embrace.
“And yes, my kid is blue, but not all the time. My guess is his magic does the same thing for him that it does with Loki. He has my skin tone right now.” Tony grinned and went back to the computer.
“Glad you’re adjusting so well. Hey listen umm, I wanted to tell you this sooner, but you looked busy.” Steve paused up for a moment, nibbling on his lower lip before speaking again.
“Pepper and I are dating.”
“I knew it!” Clint looked at Steve as if he’d discovered something amazing.
“Really? That’s great! When did this happen?”
Toki looked at Loki and nodded. He didn’t understand all the details, but he knew that his father was in trouble. It seemed he did that quite often.
"Good I thought either you or Loki might try and kill me for it."
It was no secret that though Pepper and Tony had dated and broken up Tony cared for her because she was his friend. And Loki cared for because she was one of the first friends he had on Midgard.
"I knew your kid would be blue." Clint laughed.
"I declare him frosty."
"Yeah let Loki find out he'll send you off the empire state." Steve stated.
“No kidding either. He already did that to me when I hid his helmet from him a while back.” Tony shuddered at the thought. It was only because Loki had developed feelings for him that the god had spared his life; he knew Loki wouldn’t be so forgiving with Clint. Tony typed several other things into the computer then ran some programs on it.
“I’m just glad Pepper has someone that makes her happy. As long as you don’t hurt her I’m good.”
“Come on Tony, who would hurt Pepper?”
Tony sighed a bit as he thought about Clay. There was that bastard, for starters.
"I'm just going to warn you last guy who hurt Pepper got to deal with me, Loki and Fenrir. Steve you’re someone I consider a friend but hurt her and I'll not be gentle about it." Bruce stated coming I just enough to hear Steve's question.
"Loki's gonna kill you." He said shaking his head.
"So I see Fury finally dragged you in. You let him meet Remus?"
Tony chuckled and nodded then went back to the computer as he spoke.
“Yeah, the Cyclops stopped by to see if I was lying about having a kid just to get out of work. You know he actually smiled?”
“No shit?” Clint looked at Tony shocked. That was certainly a first. Even Steve was surprised.
“I guess babies do that to people. Pepper’s been thinking about having kids already; she talks about it all the time.”
“Are you sure you can have sex without breaking her in half?”
“Stark!” Steve’s ears turned hot red as he spoke and he crossed his arms. He really did love Pepper, and he would do whatever it took to make her happy. But the fact that she had such a close association to Tony left the super soldier uneasy most times.
Loki got Remus laid down for a nap and went to play with the boys for a while. There was lunch made and some stored away for Anthony just in case.
"Jarvis call Anthony and tell him it' not an emergency I don't need him freaking out."
Tony nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard his phone ring; he’d set a specific ringtone for when Loki called.
“What is it?”
“Sir, Mr. Loki Stark has asked me to inform you that there is no emergency and that all is well. He simply wished to call you. I shall connect you now.” There was a short silence as Tony waited, and he could hear the others chuckling at him. Clint outright laughed but Bruce and Steve tried to hide it a bit.
"Is he still torturing you?" Loki asked.
"I called to ask what you wanted for dinner tonight."
"Awe ain't that sweet." Clint joked.
"Agent Barton I can hear you and I would like to remind you that my powers have returned and that I can and will do whatever I please with that miserable corpse you call a body."
Loki was just about sick of Clint. He'd endured months of his remarks without being able to tolerate.
"Hi Loki." Steve called.
"Greetings captain. Are we going to see you at the tower anytime soon? I think it only fair that Remus meet his other godfather."
Steve smiled wide and nodded.
“Yeah, I’d love to go over today if that’s all right. Do you mind if Pepper tags along?”
“Oh yeah Steve, we mind terribly. You know how much we dislike her.” Tony rolled his eyes at the question then spoke into the phone. “I’ll have whatever you feel like feeding me.”
“Hey, it’s always better to ask first.” Steve frowned a bit but felt his smile break through it. He’d never been a godfather before.
Tony finished his work soon enough, and with just enough time to spare. He, Steve and Pepper all headed back to the tower.
"Wait I'm not invited?" Clint asked.
"No agent Barton you're not. Anthony you may extend the invitation to Natasha as well."
"See you soon Loki." Steve told him.
“It’s too bad Barton couldn’t come along. He’s been itching to see Remus too.”
“No, he’s been itching to make up jokes about my son! That cock can stay at SHIELD for all I care.”
“Tony!” Pepper shook her head, her fingers laced with Steve’s. It was cute to see them so close. The group walked in and went up until they reached the higher floor where Loki and the kids were.
“Pepper!” Toki ran over along with Fenrir and the boys greeted Steve and Pepper eagerly. Fenrir then proceeded to tackle Tony to the ground and pull on his cheeks.
“We got to hold Remus!”
“Hats ubly…” Tony could hardly speak with Fenrir still pulling his cheeks apart.
Loki had been in the process of feeding Remus. "Fenrir get off of him." Loki scolded the child. Remus was busy trying to look around and see what was going on.
Eyes till red he had Tony's coloring for the moment now that the heating and cooling were just right.
"Hey Loki." Steve greeted.
"Captain." Loki smiled, "Hello to you as well Ms. Potts."
“Hello Loki. Aw, how are you doing Remus?” The redhead went over with a soft smile on her face, and carefully ran her finger across the baby’s forehead.
Fenrir looked at Loki and did as he was told, allowing Tony to get up again. The inventor grumbled a bit but got to his feet and smiled.
“You’d better pray this other one isn’t like that.”
“What do you think I’ve been doing?” Tony looked at Steve then both men turned their attention to Remus.
“He actually looks a lot like you. I thought his skin was blue?”
“Oh it is. But right now his magic is making it look like that.”
"He's getting a better control of it. If it gets to hot he'll turn but otherwise he's perfectly fine." Loki smiled.
"He's a really cute kid Tony. I'm happy for you both." Steve smiled.
"Now I'm not Clint but those eyes even now are a bit shocking." Steve confessed.
Loki let Remus finish his bottle before leaning back a bit better and leaning back to adjust Remus so he could burp him.
“He gets em from Loki; it’s part of his Jotun form.”
“Jo-what?” Steve looked at Tony puzzled. He knew the playboy had talked about it at least once, but there were some thing he wasn’t going to risk pronouncing.
“Frost giant, Steve. Sorry, I forget about your 40’s brain.”
The soldier frowned and punched Tony in the arm before looking back at Remus.
“A giant? Wouldn’t he be bigger?” Steve didn’t claim to know very much about folklore and legend, much less the real history of other worlds, so he was at a loss about all this. He’d heard about giants: they were supposed to be very large in size and, according to some stories, quite grotesque.
"Royal runt if you will. It's what led everything else. Unless you're born a decent size then you are deep a runt. Here you call it a failure to thrive. Had I been left with them I would have." Loki stated as Remus let out a rather large burp. "Excuse you then." The god smiled.
"I'm sorry I brought it up."
There was an awkward silence for a moment.
"Can I hold him?" Steve asked.
"I suppose." Loki situated Remus in Steve's arms.
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intoxicpl Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
that's really good that Steve is dating Pepper. 
Haha they won't let Clint see the baby soon, will they?
Moony-Aniu Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Not unless Clint wants flying lessons.
crystalwof78 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
o I hope Loki will be happy that Steve is the one dating Pepper XD
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