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Odin looked at the child in his wife's arms. "Now he looks as he should." Odin took the child in his arms and Loki thought he would collapse any second.
"He's a fine son. He'll be every bit as powerful as you both are." Odin told them looking between Loki and Thor.
"Loki there is not enough time to tell you how sorry I am for how I have wronged you. I made that mistake more than once and I will not make it again." Odin told him.
Giving the child back to Frigga he embraced his younger son.
"I will accept Remus as a grandchild of mine as I should have done with your other children and I will do so from this day forth."
Thor and Tony both breathed a sigh of relief and exchanged nervous but happy smiles. It was a good vacation so far. Now they just needed Fury to smile again and the day would be complete. Frigga smiled at her son and husband, and her eyes glazed over with fresh tears.
“This is cause for celebration!”
“Point Break, I’m starting to think you just like getting drunk.” Tony groaned as Thor suddenly smacked his shoulder with a large grin on his face.
“Come now Man of Iron, do not be so fickle! I have had special mead prepared for you, it is delicious!”
Tony popped his back into place and looked at Thor suspiciously. He’d had enough Asgardian drinks during his first visit to last him a lifetime.
“No thank you. Loki might castrate me.”
Loki looked at his father in shock that he had been accepted, the fact that his father had apologized for everything that had been done.
Odin looked to Toki and Fenrir. Fenrir growled in the back of his throat at the one eyed man and Toki hide behind Tony.
"You have every right to be afraid and angry with me but I will not harm you." The man stated.
"Anthony, you can't drink but Valhalla knows I need one."
Thor smiled and hugged Loki close.
“That’s the spirit! Come!”
“Oh Thor, let them rest first.” Frigga tried to intervene, but she knew her words weren’t making it all the way up to Thor’s ears. He was bullheaded and set on doing things one way. And right now, he was set on getting Loki a drink. On his behalf, Tony simply stood there, his mouth hanging open.
“How come you can get drunk?”
“Papa, papa!” Toki tugged on his father’s shirt, his little eyes eager. “Can we play?”
“No, I don’t want you making a mess or blowing things up.” Tony didn’t even want to begin to imagine what kind of trouble he would get into for breaking something that belonged to the royal family.
"Anthony I'm not getting drunk, I was raised on it you were not." Loki told him as he picked Toki up. "You and Fenrir may play in the garden but do not and I tell you think once do not climb the trees or play in the bushes." Loki told him.
Fenrir looked at Loki and the man nodded watching as his son took off after the other.
Odin smiled as he watched the boys run off to find their way.
"Do I have to give him up so soon?" Frigga asked holding Remus.
“He’s hard to let go of huh?” Tony smiled at Frigga then looked at his son. Remus just looked around at the world, not knowing what was going on before he yawned.
“I should get him ready for a nap.” Tony scooped his son back into his arms and was taken to a guest room some ways into the palace. Their things were already in the room and there was a crib set up for Remus near the bed. Somebody was certainly prepared for their visit. Tony rocked Remus for a little while, just watching him sleep before he set the baby down in the crib.
“Here you are Brother. I have not forgotten what you like.” Thor smiled proudly as he handed Loki his drink before taking a large gulp of his own.
“Were you worried earlier about what Father would say?”
Loki drank the contents of his cup without taking a breath, feeling better as it warmed his insides and the taste of strawberries and cherries stained his tongue.
"I was. Thor, I could not bear the loss of another child if that were to be the case. I love my son as I love all my children. I don't want him to hide what he is like I do." Loki confessed to his brother.
Odin knocked on the bedroom door before entering slightly.
Tony stood by the crib and looked up when he heard the knock. He looked at the door and stood straight as Odin walked in.
“I just put him down for a nap, so you’ll have to wait before you can hold him again.”
Thor nodded and sighed out.
“I understand. I would not know the pain of losing a son, but I have lost you before. And that was more than enough.” Thor looked at Loki and smiled a bit before squeezing his brother’s shoulder gently.
“But now Father has accepted your children, and apologized for his wrong doings against you. The time for such sorrows has passed.”
"I have come to speak to you. I feel I must apologize to you as well. I am to blame for my son’s walls, and insecurities. I know that even now he must hide parts of himself away from you. Tell me does he stay as he is now at all times or does he wear his natural form with pride?" Odin asked.
"I will forgive him Thor but there is still the dread and the time that I can never have back." Loki told him.
Tony bit his lips at the question. In the time he’d known Loki, he’d grown just as insecure of his Jotun form as the god himself. Tony loved when Loki could open to him and show him that side, but it was a rare and fleeting thing.
“He usually spends all say like he is right now. There have been a few times when he’ll show me his Jotun side, but that rarely happens. He has been doing it more often though.”
“I know Brother, and I will not ask you to simply leave all that behind. But you have a family now, and a husband. Perhaps it is time you let go of that burden and focused on what you have instead of what you lost.” It wasn’t too often that Thor had something thoughtful to say, but when he did, it was usually after a drink or two. He looked at Loki with kind eyes and smiled softly.
Loki nodded at his brother.
Frigga smiled as her family was finally coming back together.
"For that I am sorry. Perhaps you can undo what I have done. Help him see light in the side he tries to hide for the sake of your son." Odin stated looking in the direction of Remus.
"Tell me does the child turn at all or is it just his eyes?"
Remus slept soundly in his crib fists balled up in his blanket.
Tony glanced at his son then looked back at the Allfather.
“He’ll turn blue sometimes, mostly when he’s cranky or when the temperature changes. I think it looks good on him personally, but that’s just me.” Tony smiled a bit at his own words. He was starting to get nervous again, though around Odin, he realized this wasn’t a new thing. The god was intimidating, as if he knew something horrible that no one else could even understand.
“I’ll do my best to help Loki, Sir.”
Thor finished his third drink and was starting to feel a lot more cheery than was healthy for anyone around him.
“Tell me then Brother, is my nephew also blue like a Jotun?” Thor looked at Loki with a smile and waved for another drink.
"Do not fear me Man of Iron. I will not fault the child in anyway nor you or my son. He is a fine child and you are doing a well job." Odin told him.
"He turns when he's extremely upset or in the temperature changes. If it's too hot he'll turn to his Jotun form to cool himself off." Loki explained.
He declined the second drink as he went to find his husband.
Odin looked at Tony one last time before nodding at him and leaving.
“Brother, have another drink!” Thor shouted after Loki then settled for helping himself.
Back in the room, Tony thought over what Odin had asked him to do. How was he supposed to help Loki feel better about his Jotun form? He’d been trying ever since they started dating, but it didn’t seem to help. Though he was a little happy that Loki would turn to his Jotun form more often now. Tony sighed out and watched Remus sleep, smiling to himself when the baby began to turn blue. Time to move the blanket. Tony pulled the quilt to the side and Remus’s skin began to fade back into its milky tan.
Loki slipped into the room and leaned against the door. Sinking to the floor Loki let go of the strain and revealed his Jotun form to the room that contained his newborn and husband.
Tony smiled as he saw Loki reveal himself and he walked over to his husband. He did his best to ignore the icy chill that came off Loki’s skin, and he leaned close to his husband.
“I don’t know why you go through so much trouble hiding this side of yourself. I like it.” Tony chuckled and looked into his husband’s ruby eyes.
"You may say so but I'm still the dirty secret of Asgard. Do you know what would happen if they knew a Jotun had been under their noses the entire time?" Loki asked as he hugged Tony back. Pulling back a little Loki kissed his husband softly at first hoping not to burn him.
Tony bit back a light moan as he felt Loki’s lips against his own. He’d never kissed him in his Jotun form, and it hurt just a bit, but not nearly as bad as he thought it would. The apples must have had an effect on his resistance as well. Tony kissed Loki back then looked at him and shrugged.
“I’m starting to think you’re the only one that freaks out about that. Everyone just wants to see you happy Loki. I do, your parents do, your brother, and especially your sons. How are our kids supposed to be proud when you hide yourself?” Tony remembered the conversation they’d had with Toki, and how hard they’d tried to convince him to take the serum that would repair his genes. Yet the boy stood his ground, refusing to take it. Loki could use some of that same stubbornness right now.
"We’ve been over this: they're children and they will learn from my mistakes." Loki told him. Loki pulled away from his husband and went over to the bed to sit down still in his Jotun form. Peaking in on his son he smiled as he watched the infant sleep.
Tony stayed where he was for a moment with a light frown on his face. What hadn’t he tried already? He ran his fingers through his hair and decided to just let it happen. This wasn’t something he could fix overnight. The inventor stood and watched his husband, his eyes scanning him over before he walked over to Loki and pulled him in for a deep kiss. He was cold, and Loki’s lips seemed to cut Tony’s, but he didn’t mind. The feeling faded after a while anyway.
“Well I love you, even if you don’t like this side of yourself.” Tony grinned and kissed Loki again.
Loki kissed back as he felt himself fall back on the bed. Pushing Tony away from him he got up and grabbed one of the apples from the bowl on the table and put it in front of his husband's face.
"Eat it before I do anymore damage to you in this form." Loki told him. He didn't want to be in this form if it would cause his husband harm. Loki took control over his magic and started to change back to his usual green eyed pale skin self.
Tony looked at the apple then frowned when he saw Loki changing back. He bit into the apple and sighed out through his nose.
“You know, I was trying to get you horny in your Jotun form.” Tony stared at the ceiling as he ate his apple, trying to imagine what horny Jotun Loki would be like. Colder, that much was obvious. Tony quickly finished his apple and pulled Loki onto the bed before the god could say another word.
“Stop acting like I’m ashamed of you too.” Tony kissed Loki softly then looked into his face. “We’re married now, which means if you get to see every side of me, I get to see every side of you.”
"Not if it’s going to hurt you Anthony. Look at yourself I've frost burned you." Loki told him. Loki knew it wasn't remotely fair that he'd seen every side of Tony and if the circumstances were right he could see every side of him in a day. Loki was like an iceberg. You saw 10 percent of him and the other 90 was hidden behind walls, and layers he used to protect himself.
Tony looked at Loki and ran his tongue over his teeth in agitation.
“I get why you hide from other people but you’re supposed to trust me. I don’t pretend to be anyone other than myself when I’m around you, and you know that takes a lot out of me. Why can’t you do that? Why can’t you just trust that I’m not going to push you away?”
He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt like running. Just going somewhere where he wouldn’t have to think. He was in Asgard though, so his options of places to go were limited. Tony looked at his husband for a moment then simply got off the bed and walked out of the room. What was so horrible that the god had to hide it from Tony, his own husband?
Loki wanted to stop him but didn't know what to tell him to make him stay. Sitting on the bed Loki buried his face in his hands and fought to keep his tears to himself.
New chapter~
Little warning: it gets kind of sad. 
intoxicpl Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
Yes, Tony is right, Loki shouldn't hide his truly self from Tony especially. 
I'm really glad that Odin accepted kids and that he doesn't want to take them away.
Keep up your great work
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