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Tony smiled at Frigga’s willingness to take Remus back into her arms and glanced at Loki.
“Hey, are you okay?” He looked at his husband worried and held Loki’s hand in his own.
“Man of Iron, tell us again how it is you came to fall in love with Loki.” Sif spoke up, her sharp, dominating eyes fixed on the couple. Yet she smiled sweetly, as if hiding something in her words. Fandral took a sip of his drink and spoke up as well.
“Yes, tell us the story!”
Tony looked at the warriors before looking back at Loki for a moment.
“It’s a pretty weird story.”
“Well, you are now wed to a god Man of Iron and the god of Mischief no less. Come, tell us your story.”
Loki glared at them. Hogan kept his mouth shut and Valstagg was too busy feeding his fast already. Loki was more than tempted to show them exactly what he learned in Midgard.
"Loki, contain yourself." Frigga put her grandson in his father's arms.
Loki felt most of his anger drain from him. Loki couldn't even reach for the few blades he kept in his boots. Remus looked up at Loki and Loki's tension eased a bit more.
"Please tell us the tale Man of Iron we're curious to know as to how you came to be with Loki." Fandral smiled.
Tony sighed a bit and tried to put all the events in order. Should he start when Loki threw him out the window or when Loki hung from the roof of Stark tower? Tony licked his lips then sipped his drink. It was going to be a long story.
“Well boys and girls, while Loki was in SHIELD custody he was powerless, so I was in charge of keeping an eye on him and making sure he didn’t do anything stupid. Which, as you can imagine, isn’t easy when he knows how to rewire everything in your house.” Tony added as bit of a side note, knowing Loki would catch his drift. There were still times when Loki would reprogram JARVIS if he felt Tony wasn’t paying enough attention to him or the boys. “But after a while and a lot of jokes, he started changing. I don’t know if you all believe in depression here, but he got it pretty bad. So I tried to help him get over it. And then there’s a bunch of stuff in between that and now but total that I got through to him and we started dating.”
“Even after Loki had regained his powers? You did not fear for your life or the safety of Midgard?” Sif raised a brow at Tony questioningly, and he was really starting to hate the tone in her voice. Just what was she trying to get at? Tony looked at the woman dead in the eyes, and stood tall.
“No, I didn’t. Because then and now I trust him with my life, which is more than I can say for even some of my closes friends.”
Thor smiled at Loki knowing that his brother was well cared for and in good hands. He knew his brother was the happiest he'd been in a very long time.
"So the trickster has finally been tamed." Fandral smirked.
Loki fixed a glare on him that was rarely seen anymore. One filled with every bit of cold hate he ever had like the night he went to visit Pauler for what she'd done to Toki.
"Mind who you speak to." Odin spoke. "My son is not some wild creature and you will do well to remember who you address in such a manner. He is still your prince first and foremost."
Tony looked at Fandral and was about ready to jump over the table and punch his face in. He wasn’t sure how much he could do without his suit, but give him two minutes and he could find out.
“I apologize, Allfather.” Fandral looked towards Odin but kept his gaze averted as he spoke. He and Sif glanced at each other then looked at Loki and Tony, a little smirk in their eyes.
“Do you have a problem with my choice in spouse?”
“None whatsoever Man of Iron. We were simply curious as to…”
Tony cut the woman off with his own frown, which, though not as hateful as Loki’s, got the point across. Sir shut her mouth at the look on Tony’s face and held herself ready.
“Because if any of you do then I have no problem whatsoever in rearranging your face.”
“Please friends, let us not argue!” Thor stood suddenly, not wanting a fight to break out. Firstly because he knew it would be disastrous, but also because he didn’t want to risk having to shove his hammer into any of the warriors or lady Sif. He hadn’t stood up for Loki like he should have in the past, and he wasn’t going to let that happen again. He looked at his friends in warning before sitting down again.
“This dinner is for my nephew, and I ask that you all remember that.”
With the almost crisis averted Frigga took Remus back so her husband could hold him. She'd never seen him melt like that. Not since Thor's birth.
"Meanies." Toki said.
Loki burst into a fit of laughter and smiled at his son.
"Mind your manners Toki."
Fenrir hugged his brother with a grin and whispered something in his ear that made Toki laugh.
"Well Father, do you think you can handle it?" Loki asked.
Odin chuckled at Toki’s remark as he held Remus and he sighed. The old god ran a finger across his grandson’s head then looked at Loki.
“I certainly hope I can.”
Tony smiled at Toki and hugged him tight.
“Good boy.”
Sif and Fandral exchanged flabbergasted looks before going silent. They’d never been insulted by a child. Toki was quite pleased with himself as well, though some of what everyone was saying didn’t make much sense to him. He didn’t know too much about Loki after all.
“Papa, I make this for you.” Toki suddenly remembered something and he pulled a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to his father.
Even Thor smiled at the child.
Loki took the paper and kissed his child on the head with a smile. "Thank you." Loki opened it and showed Tony the paper and laughed. It was a little drawing of their family with Tony and Loki both holding Remus.
Tony chuckled at the drawing then planted a kiss on Toki’s head. The boy smiled wide, happy with himself for making his parents smile.
“He even drew my arc reactor in there.”
“You are quite talented young Toki. Perhaps you could draw me some day.” Thor smiled at his nephew, and Toki hid his face in Tony’s arm.
“Oh come on Toki, he isn’t that scary; only when he’s drunk.” Both men laughed and shared a drink before Tony accidentally grabbed the wrong goblet. It looked so much like the others, save for the content inside, and Tony didn’t realize it wasn’t his until he’d taken a large drink of it already.
“Oh shit.” The room started spinning and big, stupid grin plastered itself on his face. Thor reciprocated and both men grabbed another goblet and spoke up in unison.
Loki rolled his eyes at his husband. “If he wakes up at any point tonight because of your silliness you're taking care of him." Loki stated.
"Oh Loki." Frigga chuckled.
"Daddy's silly." Toki laughed.
Loki cast a look in the direction of his father and Remus and watched for a moment. He saw the hard, stern look was gone that the lines of his father's face had lessened and there was a glint of pure joy and pride in his eye.
Loki raised his goblet "To Family."
“To family!” Tony and Thor raised their drinks together and laughed.
Toki laughed at his father’s behavior. He hadn’t seen Tony drunk before, so it was something quite amusing to watch. Tony and Thor talked about nothing in particular and then started taking turns bragging about who loved Loki the most.
“It is obvious I love him more, Anthony Stark. I am his brother!”
“But not by blood! See, I Love him more because he cooks like a professional. You know he can make the most amazing lasagna I’ve ever tasted.”
“Nonsense! I love him more because he used to comfort me when I wept!” Thor said this proudly and stuck out his chest before he and Tony burst out laughing. It was more than Sif was willing to watch. The woman rolled her eyes and sipped her drink then stood from the table.
“Allfather, my lady Frigga, I hope you will excuse me for the evening.” Sif looked at Odin and Frigga then shot a quick glare at Loki. “I am feeling unwell.” With that, she left the dining hall.
Odin didn't even grace the woman with a look as he played with his grandson. "By all means. Anyone else?" He asked looking to the other warriors. He knew very well she felt perfectly fine.
"I’m not in this." Loki stated as he moved to play with his sons. "Why can you two not love me both equally? The relationship of a brother and the relationship of a husband are two different things."
Tony and Thor paused for a moment and looked at Loki then exchanged challenging pouts at each other.
“I still love him more. See, we can actually have sex.” Tony grinned triumphantly and Thor was about to speak when a plate flew across the table and into Tony’s face, knocking the man over. Thor jumped slightly and looked at Loki pale faced.
Toki had his little mouth covered and he looked up at Loki.
“Papa, you mad?”
“Loki really!” Frigga went over to Tony and blinked surprised to see the man was actually okay. He lay on the floor laughing and slowly got up onto his seat.
“I think that means I’m supposed to stop drinking.”
"Don't you dare throw anything else."
"Come on then." Odin got up with Remus and stood. Loki stopped a look of fear washing over him. Loki saw his father walking away with all three of his children all at once.
"Loki there is nothing to fear. I think it best we get Remus out of the fray before something happens to him.” His mother assured him with a gentle touch.
Loki eased a bit more.
“Come Man of Iron, I will give you antidote for this mead before it kills you.” Thor smiled and hauled Tony up easily. The inventor grinned and looked at Thor then at Frigga.
“I love coming here, by the way. When can I expect you over for dinner at my place?”
Frigga chuckled at Tony’s words and shook her head as she took her seat again.
“I will need to make arrangements with Loki, but we shall see how soon we shall go to Midgard for a visit.”
Tony gave the queen a thumbs-up and blew Loki a kiss as he was half-carried away by Thor.
“I love you Loki!”
Toki held Odin’s hand as they were taken back to their room down the hall. He felt nervous and looked up at the man quietly.
“You my grandpa?”
"Please do Thor I would like to have him alive. If he's not then I'm forced to deal with the angry one." Loki told him.
"Can't have that." Loki told him as he carried Tony away.
"Yes I'm your grandpa." Odin explained as he walked to boys to their room.
"You'll all be fine boys when you grow up. Just as strong and smart as your fathers."
Toki smiled at Odin and nodded then ran over to put his pajamas on. The first time he’d seen Odin, it was a much shorter meeting and they didn’t speak at all. But he seemed so different now.
Thor got Tony to the infirmary and gave him the antidote, but didn’t take any for himself; he’d be fine.
“Anthony Stark, I must thank you.”
“For what?”
“For making my brother so happy. Never in a thousand years did I imagine seeing Loki like this. His skin has color to it, and his eyes shine with true happiness.” Thor smiled at Tony and patted his shoulder, much more gently than he normally did.
“I am in debt to you for all you’ve done for my brother.”
“Thanks but I don’t deserve it. If anything I should be the one thanking him for going crazy and attacking earth. I never would have met him if his life were normal here.” Tony chuckled a bit to himself then looked at Thor.
New chapter~
intoxicpl Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Haha I love how Tony and Thor are drinking and arguing which one of them loves Loki more.
It was a great chapter. Looking forward for more. 
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