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“What do you want for dinner?”
"I would like to try Chinese food this night." He said.
“Oh! I know the perfect place!” Tony grinned then turned, going out into the hall. “Jarvis!”
“I’m calling now Sir. Will you be having your usual order?”
“Yeah, and get Loki a sampler.”
“Very well.”
"Thank you Jarvis." Loki said.
Tony checked his phone then grabbed his water bottle. “Hey Bruce, we’re having Chinese!”
The doctor blinked as he walked out of his room but shrugged. “All right.”
"Hey Tony come here for a second." Bruce called to him.
Tony looked at Bruce and walked over to the doctor. “What’s up?”
"Did Loki give you an answer about all those scars on his body?" He asked.
Tony nodded. “Yeah. He said they’re from battles he was in as a kid. He was thirteen when he started fighting in battle.”
"Are you serious?"
Tony nodded. “It’s intense. I don’t understand how someone could let their kid go through that, but I guess for them it’s normal.”
"It is Sir. You will find that even here on earth in the dark ages boy would see War as young as twelve or thirteen as well." Jarvis informed him.
Tony just shook his head. It was a good thing that was tradition anymore.
“I guess it makes sense, but still.”
“Sir, the food has arrived.”
“Awesome.” Tony grinned and went to the door, bringing the bags in. He went to Loki’s room and poked his head in. “Food’s here.
Loki got up and came to join him and the doctor in the kitchen so they could eat dinner.
Tony served himself then set everything out so Loki could see his choices. “I got the sampler. It has a small amount of everything they have at this place so just try everything and tell me what you like.” He popped a piece of orange chicken into his mouth and moaned in his throat. It was heavenly.
Loki tried the orange chicken and shook his head. "No."
Tony snatched up the box with a little grin. “More for me.” He took a bite and licked his lips.
Bruce shook his head and looked at Loki. “He likes the orange chicken.”
Loki tried something else and hummed. "This one is good." Loki said reaching for another.
"That's crab Rangoon." Bruce said.
Tony made a face. He didn’t like those things, mostly because he didn’t like crab. He ate his orange chicken then got some rice.
“Try the noodles.” Tony handed the box over to Loki.
Loki did as Tony said and gave the noodles a go.
“What do you think?” Tony asked then served himself some noodles. He finished off the last of his orange chicken then grabbed his drink.
"They are good but not something I would want to eat that much." Loki replied.
Bruce passed Loki beef and broccoli. "Try that."
Tony shrugged and finished his noodles, pausing a moment to sip his drink. “Oh, you should try this too.” He handed Loki some of the teriyaki chicken as well.
Loki gave it a try.
"Loki I'm going to remind you to pace yourself here. There will still be more to try tomorrow." Bruce said.
“Oh yeah. Don’t want you getting sick again.” Tony said then snatched up an egg roll.
"I am not yet full and I know my limits." He said.
“All right.” Tony shrugged and sipped his drink.
“Sir, you are getting a call from Director Fury concerning some work.”
Tony rolled his eyes but stood and went down to his lab to take the call.
“What’s up?”
“We’ve been getting a lot cyber-attacks lately. Think you can build me a security system to push that out?”
“Of course I can.”
Bruce was quiet for a moment as he sat with Loki at the island. He wiped some sauce off his lips then spoke up.
“I umm, I’m sorry the Other Guy smashed you into the floor.”
Loki looked at him. "That was you?" he asked.
Bruce nodded sheepishly. "I’m sorry."
“It’s a reflex, I guess. When I turn into the Hulk, I can’t control him as well as I’d like to. If there’s anything else I did, I’m sorry for that too.”
Fury smirked a bit. “I’ll send you an email with the basics we need. You add anything else you feel we might need.”
“Got it.”
"Where's Loki?" he questioned. Fury was just going to stop saying when he was going to stop by and simply stop in.
“Upstairs eating. We’re keeping an eye on him Fury.”
“You and Banner?”
“Yeah, me and Bruce and Jarvis, in case you forgot my entire tower is essentially alive.”
"Don't get smart with me Stark I'm not in the mood for your mouth." He said.
Tony rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m taking care of him, Fury.”
“I just want to make sure you’re not sympathizing with our enemy, Stark.”
“He’s not our enemy anymore and you know it.”
"He can still kill you I hope you realize. If he's at full strength he can still throw you around like a rag doll."
“Yeah, I know that. Thor kind of demonstrated it when he took a bunch of your men out powerless.”
Fury clenched his jaw at the man. “Be careful Stark. This isn’t a game and he isn’t a pet.”
“I’ll start working on the security system. I’ll call you when it’s done.”
"Remember what I said." He said before Jarvis was able to hang up.
While they continued to eat Bruce got curious.
"So you can fight like Thor?" He asked.
"I can. Though I use my size to my advantage." Loki replied.
"What kind of weapons can you use?"
"Spear, sword, bow and arrow, axe, I am best with a dagger."
Bruce’s eyes widened a bit as he heard this. “Seriously?”
Tony stayed in his lab for a moment then sighed. “Jarvis, get me a system layout ready for SHIELD. Just go ahead and start laying out everything Fury wants.”
“Very well Sir.”
"Yes. Why is this so hard to believe?" Loki asked.
Bruce shrugged a bit. “Just seems kinda farfetched. I mean, you were royalty. I can’t really imagine a prince being forced to train so heavily.”
Tony went back upstairs and heard parts of the conversation. “You two better not be talking about me.”
"Just because I'm a prince it doesn't mean anything. I am a prince first and foremost but I am also a warrior and a protector to my realm."
Bruce nodded then sipped his drink. “Sounds like a lot of responsibility to carry.”
“I think it’s sexy.” Tony shrugged and took his seat again. He pulled up his tablet and started organizing a few things for the security system.
"That's what it is." he said. "Thor always took being king as a joke. For years Odin fed me lies that I was born to be king. I worked to be king. Thor had no passion for the throne. He didn't want it. I bled, and trained and studied until my eyes were dry. Thor ditched lessons and didn't care. He didn't want the throne. He acted rashly and got into trouble constantly. But still father wanted him to have the throne, I only wanted to delay that."
Bruce nodded slowly. “Doesn’t sound like very much fun, having to live with that kind of pressure?”
Tony just listened quietly. Loki had told him some of this already, though that was usually after a punches.
Loki shrugged. "The throne was never my birthright. To die as an infant cast out on a frozen rock, that was to be my birthright."
Bruce winced a bit when Loki said this. “That’s kind of harsh.”
“Yeah well he’s here now.” Tony said. “Only birthright he has to worry about is how Jarvis locking the bathroom when he loses at chess.” Tony spoke from past experience. He’d beaten the AI in a game once and had trouble getting into his own bathroom for quite a while.
"Jarvis is a sore loser?" Loki asked.
“I most certainly am not.”
Tony just laughed and nodded. “Oh yeah you are. Like the time I-Ah!” Tony jumped as one of the sprinklers went off right over his head and squirted him with cold water. He gasped and backed away, standing there in shock. Bruce laughed as well only to receive the same treatment.
“What did I do?”
"That is to keep you from talking as well." Jarvis said.
“How come you don’t squirt Loki?” Tony asked upset. He grumbled and pulled his wet shirt off only to get drenched again on his way to his room. “Jarvis!”
“That was an accident Sir.”
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crystalwof78 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
I am confused a bit I thought he knew Bruce was the Hulk cause when he moved in Tony told him and Loki was, I don't care as long as he don't turn green, while here when Bruce was apologizing Loki is like," That was you?"
skyrahwriter16 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
last part was funny
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