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Loki sighed. "I wish we could shape shift." he said.
“If it is any consolation, she will be gone in a few hours Mr. Laufeyson. Mr. Stark prefers to be alone but often times he seeks out company, even if it is only momentary. Though I must say, he seeks out these female companions less often since you arrived.”
"But that doesn't mean I don't want to shift." Loki said again.
“If you do not mind me asking, just what can you shift into?” Jarvis asked rather curiously.
"Anything living." Loki said. "Animals, peoples, insect. I can't shift into plants though."
“That sounds like quite an amazing gift to possess. It must have been quite difficult to learn, I imagine.”
"Extremely." Loki replied.
“Your brother mentioned once that your magic and Midgardian science are very similar, if not quite the same. Is this true?”
"Yes." Loki nodded. "The way your science mixes things together to get what you use to heal people. We make creams and salves the same way with our magic."
“That is quite fascinating. Might I ask then how you use technology? From what I remember of your previous venture in New York, you seemed quite skilled with some of the simpler machines.”
"Jarvis that was not my first time to Midgard." he said. "I have come many times before and watched humans evolve and destroy the land they were given."
“And you have learned of technology from that?” Jarvis was curious as to just how much Loki knew as far as machines were concerned.
Yes." he said. "I can do a great deal." he said.
“That is quite interesting. Perhaps you could tell Mr. Stark; I’m sure he’d love to take you into his lab for some fun. He rarely meets anyone interested in his work.”
"I'm not as interested as you'd like to think Jarvis." In truth he really was.
“I see. I apologize then for being too forward.” The AI replied.
Andrea left some hours later with a giggle and a kiss on Tony’s cheek. He saw her to the door, being polite then closed the door and sighed. He looked around at the living room then went to the bar and poured himself a drink.
“A bit late, don’t you think Sir?”
“I’m only having one.”
Loki finally walked out of his room. "Your Midgardian ale is weak." he said.
Tony looked at the god and chuckled a bit, finishing his drink in one gulp. “You should give my Reindeer Rum a try. I got Thor drunk on it.”
Loki shrugged and finished collecting something to eat before heading back to him room.
Tony stared at the god as he walked off then ran his hands over his face.
“Shall I get you some work Sir?”
“Yeah, thanks.” Tony went down to his lab, water bottle in hand.
Loki sighed. Getting up he went down to the lab and watched Stark for a few moments before popping his head in on him.
Tony was engrossed in his work. He started on a project-more of a joke really-but ended up getting really into the idea. He moved from one table to another, his eyes wide as he worked.
“All right, let’s do this again!”
“Sir, might I suggest actually wearing your goggles this time?”
Tony was covered in soot smudges and a few cuts and bruises.
Under Jarvis' instruction Loki stepped back out just in case something went wrong.
Tony slipped on some goggles and safety glasses then went back to the experiment. He grabbed one of the massive power cables and plugged it into the side of his machine then backed away slightly.
“Fire it up!”
Loki watched with pure amazement as the machine came to life.
Tony grinned when the machine began to hum steadily. “I’m a genius!”
“Arguably so Sir. All stats appear to be normal and it seems to be functioning well with only 14 percent anomalies in the system.”
“Scan and fix for issues then test it.” Tony said then pulled up his goggles once the metal cooled down. He walked over to the machine, a build off of a project his father had started with hover technology. While it wasn’t perfect, it was certainly much better than using tons of pressure just to lift a small object.
“Scanning and fixing now Sir. Also, your coffee is ready.”
“Great.” Tony pulled off his gloves and turned, heading towards the door.
When he came out Loki looked at him. "I would like to join you in your lab if that is acceptable." Loki said.
Tony paused and looked at Loki curiously. The god wanted to go into the lab? He felt slightly flattered and smiled a bit.
“Sure. Let me just get some coffee.” He poured himself a cup then headed back downstairs with Loki. “Just be careful not to touch anything. I have everything organized a certain way.”
“Tossed about is more accurate.” Jarvis said.
“I understand my mess.”
Loki gripped his hands into fists. "This is maddening." Loki said. Loki liked order. He craved it even. "This is a level of chaos that even I can't handle."
Tony smiled a bit and chuckled. “That might be how you see it, but I can’ have it any other way.” He grabbed some mesh gloves and goggles them to Loki. “Here, put these on. Don’t want you getting hurt.”
"I'll hurt myself trying to clean up this mess." he said. "Please clean it up."
Tony just laughed and shook his head. “The mess makes sense to me.” He shrugged then went back to his machine and turned it on. He waited a moment then grinned when it began to levitate and hover. “Beautiful. Jarvis.”
“Net force is quite strong; over ten thousand tons. I would highly suggest not sticking your fingers directly under the machine. It is, however, quickly dispersing the pressure.”
Loki watched him work for a few moments. He was still bothered by the mess and wanted very badly to clean it up.
Tony glanced at the god as he tested the machine and grinned playfully. “You’re really OCD about cleaning, huh?”
"What's OCD?" Loki asked.
“Obsessive compulsive disorder. Don’t feel bad though; I do it sometimes but with organizing my room.” Tony gave a little grin then finished testing the machine. “All right, let’s see about putting this on the cars.”
“Might I suggest your corvette Sir? It is lighter than the others and would put much less strain on the machine.”
Loki looked at him. He'd found out what cars were and what makes and models they came in. He found the information to be dull. "What does the machine do?"
Tony looked at the god and smiled, slightly proud of himself. “Nothing special, actually. It levitates without using extreme pressure to defy gravity. See, normally levitation doesn’t work too well because the force of gravity is pulling you down, so to levitate, you need to counteract it. This,” He held up the machine then let it go and it floated in place. “Does that without creating a massive crater in the ground.”
"But I thought your suit made you fly so why do you need to levitate?" he questioned.
“Oh it’s not for my suit. This can be used for other things. Think about it: a hiker stuck under a boulder or someone stuck up on a high ledge. You turn this on and they can levitate down safely without any height restrictions. People could get out of burning buildings safely with one of these!” Tony spoke with a certain gleam in his eyes. It was bright and proud, though rather rare. He was so happy when he could make things so amazing.
"What a waste it was for you Midgardians to destroy your gifted sorcerers in the name of your god church."
“Hey, I didn’t have anything to do with that. Besides, I don’t believe in God.” Tony shrugged and turned off the machine. “Humans do a lot of stupid things, no sense in getting stuck on it.” He said as he looked at the god.
Loki shrugged. "True."
Tony took off the metal gloves and opened up one of his suits. It needed some fixes in the main wiring. “Wanna see this?” He grinned a bit at the god.
Loki nodded coming closer to take a look.
Tony grinned a bit. It was nice to have someone interested in his work. He started showing Loki which wires were connected where and what they did.
“This is basically how Jarvis functions too. Yellow wires are the ones that tap into minor security. See this,” He showed Loki one of the wires he was working with this. “This is how my suit identifies who you are and how to react.”
"What about these red wires here?" he asked.
“Those are for the more major defense of the machine. It only functions for the weapons and defense shields I have in the tower and in my suits.” Tony charged up the blaster. “See? The red wires are live. If you touch em you can feel them getting warm.”
Loki reached forward to hold one. "I don't feel the warmth."
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