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Jarvis finished running through all the information and double checking everything. "Sir one hour until I'm into the system."
“All right. You just stay low until I get these things built.”
“There are some spare parts you could use with minimal work Sir.”
Tony went over and scrounged up some pieces. “Get my coffee going Jarvis.”
“Right away Sir.”
"Of course Sir." Jarvis got a pot going for him.
Tony got to work on the bots, working through most of the night until he got four done.
“All right. Send these in and try to get as much as you can. I’ll make some more in a bit.” Tony went upstairs to get more coffee. He’d been living off it all night.
"Sir are you sure you don't want to handle this?" he asked.
“I’m not sneaky Jarvis, I thought we established that. If I try to go in myself I’ll get caught then Fury will find out everything else. At least this way it won’t be obvious.”
"Very well, Sir." he said.
Tony stifled a yawn and set the bots out, running a few tests on them to make sure they would work.
“Are you running on these things?”
“Yes Sir, I have been uploaded and can run the bots.”
“Good. Pull up a map of SHIELD then zero in on the cell.” Tony looked at the map Jarvis pulled up and looked it over. “You can go in through here, drill up into the cell and directly into the box.”
“Yes Sir. If I bury just three feet under the room I should avoid any underground security SHIELD has.”
Jarvis also looked at the possibility of going through the ventilation system as well.
“I can get in through the ground with minimal detection as well as the ventilation Sir.”
“All right. Go ahead and take them there then.”
“Of course Sir. The droids are programmed to travel at a maximum speed of thirty miles per hour underground. This will take quite some time.”
“Keep me updated on this.”
"Certainly, Sir."
Loki had come out of his room. He wanted there to be a reason for him to join the other's on a mission. He wanted to feel his magic coursing through his veins once more.
Tony went back upstairs for some more coffee. It was early afternoon already? Where did the day go? He poured himself a cup then noticed Loki.
“I built some bots. They’re on their way to get your armor out of SHIELD.”
"Thank you." Loki smiled.
Tony smiled back, feeling a little giddy to have made the god happy. “I’m trying to make things right.” He looked at Loki apologetically. “And this was the best thing I could come up with.”
Loki nodded. "I know, thank you."
Tony smiled a bit and nodded. “How many pieces are there in your armor? I need to know how many more runs the bots need to make.”
"Five." Loki replied.
“All right. Thought there’d be more. Jarvis.”
“I’ve already rewired the bots’ path Sir. They will bring back the five pieces then replace them with scrap from one of your suit prototype.”
“Good.” Tony grinned a bit. “You want pudding? Cause I bought some more.” He offered.
Loki perked up. "Yes please."
Tony walked into the kitchen with the god and pulled out two cups of pudding. He set them on the island then grabbed some spoons as well.
“My mom always used to pack pudding for me when I was a kid. She’d put one in my lunchbox and I’d eat that and then give the rest of my food to someone else.” He chuckled a bit as he remembered that.
"The closest thing we have to pudding is custard for pastries."
Tony’s brows raised in disbelief. “Seriously?” Tony shook his head and took a bite of his pudding. “That’s crazy.”
"I hate custard." he replied.
Tony laughed a bit and shook his head. “Not my favorite either.” He ate some more of the pudding then licked his lips. “Can I ask you an honest question?”
"Depends on the question if I want to give you an answer." he said.
“When was the last time you had sex?” He was genuinely curious, though Tony also had the inability to keep stupid questions to himself.
Loki shrugged. "I don't know."
Tony shook his head. “That’s sad. You know I bet it would help you relax if you some. I know this chick that can do things with her tongue that wouldn’t believe.” Tony shuddered a bit. “Unless you’re into guys. I know a few of those too.”
"I'm not getting into bed with anyone." Loki said.
“Not even me?” Tony gave a playfully innocent smile, though he knew most likely the god would say no. Or rather, Loki would probably death-glare a hole into his face.
Loki did turn a glare on him. "No."
Tony couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “It was worth a shot. All right, no sex. How about we go out? I’ve got complete control of Fury’s surveillance; we can up to ten blocks away from the tower without being noticed.”
Loki smiled and nodded. "Then lead the way."
Tony quickly finished his pudding cup then pulled on some shoes and a jacket. It was misting outside, though it was nothing a good jacket couldn’t handle. He glanced out for a moment.
“You’re in the clear Sir.”
Tony grinned and walked out with Loki. He shuddered a bit, not expecting it to be so cold.
Loki wasn’t bothered by the cold. "This feels nice."
Tony shook slightly as they walked. “I should have grabbed my other jacket.” He glanced around as they walked, making their way to the sidewalk.
"Asgard would be getting ready for their winter this time of year."
“Oh yeah? People here are starting, or some of em anyway. Most people are going to leave it off then whine that they didn’t get ready.” Tony’s chin began to quiver slightly from the cold. He looked up ahead and smiled when they reached a small stand. “Coffee.”
The woman at the stand nodded and looked at Loki. It was obvious she had no idea who the god was. “And you?”
"Tea." the god replied.
The woman nodded and got started on both their drinks. She handed each man a Styrofoam cup.
“Sugar and cream are right there. That’ll be four ten.”
Tony got the money out and handed it to the woman, not bothering to add anything to his coffee.
Loki added sugar and cream to his tea. Mixing it well he took a sip and smiled.
Tony continued the little walk alongside Loki, sipping his coffee. “I know we agreed not to talk about it, but I wanna hear about your kids.” Tony looked at the god. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m curious.”
"I have three children. Two sons and a daughter." Loki replied. "My first son lives in Asgard and is looked after by Odin. I am not allowed to see him and when do it is only glimpses. My daughter is the ruler of Helheim. My second son wanders the nine. Whether he is looking for me I don't know."
Tony looked at Loki and nodded a bit. “I’m sorry you can’t see your kids. Why aren’t you allowed to see them?” He sipped his coffee then sniffled a bit when he felt his nose start to run.
"I rather not talk about it."
Tony nodded. “Okay. Tell me about your kids then. What’s…umm, what are they like?” He couldn’t remember the names and he certainly wasn’t going to try pronouncing them.
"If you don’t mind can we please stay off the topic of children all together?"
“All right. What do you wanna talk about then?” Tony sipped his coffee then pulled the cup away from his mouth when he sneezed again.
"Share with me the knowledge you know of Midgard." Loki said.
Tony chuckled a bit and nodded. “All right, but I’ve got to warn you, I know more stuff about science and math than anything else. What do you wanna know?”
"Many of your animals we do not have in Asgard. Such as whales, elephants, and alligators."
Tony smiled a bit. “Well,” He pulled out his phone and started showing Loki some pictures. “Personally I like bugs more. They’re a lot cooler to look at.” He showed Loki one picture after another. “Here are some different kinds of whales.” He sneezed again, turning his head away.
"We don't have any." Loki said.
“You’re missing out on a lot. Maybe one day I’ll take you to the aquarium. They have killer whales there.” He showed Loki some video clips of whales singing to each other.
"Elk are fun." Loki said. "They taste better than the cows you eat."
“Hey, don’t you insult my burgers.” Tony said with a little pout then turned his head away to sneeze again. He flipped through some other pictures. “Oh, here’s one you’ll like.” He chuckled and showed Loki some funny pictures of cats.
The only way Loki could look at the pictures was with his head cocked to the side. "My mother's cats are not this funny."
Tony chuckled a bit. “People like to record their cats when they do something stupid.” He showed Loki a few more videos then showed him pictures of manatees. “Here’s a weird one. You have these in Asgard?”
Loki shook his head. "We have these though. But they're much bigger." he said, pointing to a sting ray.
“Oh yeah? How much bigger?” Tony sipped his coffee, showing Loki a picture of the largest species of ray on earth. “Like this?”
"Bigger than that." he said. "The older they get the more they grow."
Tony’s eyes widened and he shook his head. “That’s insane.” He showed Loki some more pictures then started showing him different species of birds.
New chapter~
crystalwof78 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
o: I think Loki would love whales and dolphins when he sees them up close cause of how smart they are and the songs I love them :D
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