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"We don't have colorful birds like that."
“We have tons of them. It’s only male birds though. The females always have boring colors so it’s easier for them to hide from predators.”
Loki sighed. "Crows are favored in Asgard.
“Why’s that?” Tony coughed a bit then took another long sip of his coffee.
"They are smarter than Midgardians care to think.”
“No, they’re evil.” Tony shook his head a bit then finished his coffee. “And they’re creepy. They just stare at you with these dead eyes.”
"Their eyes aren’t dead." he said.
Tony laughed. “No, it’s an expression.” He sneezed again and sniffled. “Can we go back inside?” He sneezed louder.
Loki sighed but nodded. He'd at least gotten a few moments outside.
“Sorry. We can come back outside tom-“ Tony stopped and sneezed again. He groaned a bit as they got back inside. He took off his jacket and shoes, frowning when he saw the bottoms of his pants wet. “Great.”
"You get sick easily don’t you?" he questioned.
“No.” Tony sniffled then sneezed again. “I actually don’t really get sick.” He sneezed a few times in a row then groaned and went to grab some tissues.
"All the sneezing says otherwise." Loki said.
“I’m not sick. It’s probably just allergies or something.” Tony sneezed again then blew his nose into the tissues. “I’m fine.” He said defiantly then grabbed some water out of the fridge.
"Jarvis keep the redheaded one on standby." Loki said.
"Yes, Sir." Jarvis replied.
“Hey, I’m not sick!” Tony said upset.
“Sir, there is nothing wrong with taking precautions. Or must I remind you of the time you caught stomach flu and Ms. Potts was indisposed?”
Loki chuckled as Tony hung his head.
Tony rolled his eyes and sipped his water. “I’m fine.” He said rather haughtily and looked through his phone.
"Remember he said that Jarvis." Loki chuckled.
“Oh I most certainly will.”
Tony just shook his head. “I’m fine!”
The next morning he certainly wasn’t so. Tony was sprawled out on the couch, complaining that it was too hot in his bed. He lay with a single thin blanket over his legs.
“Now will you take the medication Sir?”
“Don’t be a smart ass!” Tony frowned and tried to get to his feet.
"Sir, please don't make me call Ms. Potts." Jarvis said.
“I’m taking the damn medicine.” Tony snapped back at Jarvis, grumbling as he stood and stumbled into the kitchen. He was woozy from the fever and reached for the medication.
“Please make sure you take it as recommended Sir.”
“I know, I know.” Tony takes two orange liquid-gels out of the packet and pops them into his mouth.
Loki had gone on to bed leaving Stark with himself so he could figure out what he was going to do.
Tony coughed after he swallowed the pills then dragged himself back to the couch. He lay down and sighed.
“Jarvis, why’s it so hot?”
“Because you have a fever Sir.”
Jarvis lowered the temperature in the room for him. "Please try to rest a bit Sir."
Tony just grumbled and buried himself in his little blanket, pulling it up to his face. He sighs, resting his head back against the pillows. His eyes feel so heavy and tired that they close and he passes out without even noticing.
Loki came out of his room to check on Stark for a moment.
Tony was spread out all over the couch, his mouth hanging open because he couldn’t breathe through his nose.
Loki watched him for a few moments. "Humans are strange."
“They certainly are Mr. Laufeyson, though Mr. Stark is quite beyond even the regular scope of ‘weird’.” The AI added. Ever since Tony had created him he’d known the man for nothing but his extravagances.
Tony mumbled a bit as he slept and turned over then whined and tensed up a bit.
Loki sighed. He knew Stark would be too sick to hear him. "Do we have anything that could make him better?" he asked.
“He has taken medication already. I’ll wake him later in the evening so he can take some more, but his system will have to get rid of this on its own. Thankfully, I’ve never known him to be sick more than three days.”
Tony turned over again, clutching at his pillow and muttering under his breath. He opened his eyes slowly and reached for the tissues, his breathing heavy.
“Jarvis, Jarvis.”
“You’re fine Sir, simply having some delirium from your fever. Please go back to sleep.”
“What’s going on?” Tony looked around, though his eyes were still half-shut.
“You’re ill Sir.”
Loki had gone back off to his room once more telling Jarvis to call him if he needed any help.
"Sir, please relax and calm down. Everything is alright."
Tony scoffed and looked around, frowning. “Where am I?”
“The tower Sir. You fell ill yesterday and have been sleeping on your couch.”
Tony shook his head then flopped back on the couch. “Jarvis, I’m sick.”
“Yes Sir.”
Loki had put a cool clothe on Stark's head. Pepper was on the other side of the country and couldn't get away yet.
Tony grumbled quietly and opened his eyes, looking at Loki. “Who’re you?”
“That’s Mr. Laufeyson Sir.” Jarvis deadpanned. “You’ll have to excuse him Mr. Laufeyson; his fever is making him a tad delirious.”
Tony adjusted himself on the couch, sighing at the feel of the cool cloth on his forehead.
Loki sighed. Taking a knee before the other he held his hands over the other and let his natural powers take control.
Tony shifted a bit when he felt the temperature in the room drop a bit. He blinked his eyes open and squinted around then looked at Loki.
“What are you doing?”
"Lowering your fever." Loki said.
Tony hummed in response, closing his eyes. “It feels really nice.” He sighed content, smiling a bit. “You know, I like you. You’re mean to me but I like you.”
Loki chuckled. "He certainly is out of it, isn't he?"
“Mr. Stark is oddly honest when ill.” Jarvis said with a bit of a sigh.
“I’m telling the truth!” Tony whined a bit and pouted. “You’re really cute when you smile.” Tony said as he looked at the god. “I like seeing you smile.”
Loki looked at him. "You're delirious." he said.
“And when you’re nice to me it’s even better.” Tony just kept rambling, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feel of cool air on his fevered skin. “You’re the first person I ever wanted to look cool for.”
"Well you should stop. I'm not impressed." He lied.
Tony stopped and opened his eyes, looking at Loki and he smiled slightly. “Yes you are. I mean, everybody’s always impressed, but you’re actually interested. Not many people actually care when I tell them about the wires in my suit or how I programmed Jarvis. I like you.”
"Jarvis when is he going to stop talking?" Loki asked.
"Not as long as he is awake." Jarvis said.
"Don’t be smart." Loki replied.
“I’m sorry Mr. Laufeyson, but Mr. Stark can be quite chatty even when he isn’t ill.”
Tony chuckled a bit, his eyes drooping shut. “You guys talking about me?”
“Yes Sir.”
"Go to sleep Stark. You won't get any better if you're up talking to us." Loki said.
“Pfft, I’m fine!” Tony pouted and snuggled up under his blanket. He looked at Loki, his eyes heavy. “I like you.” He yawned and started to doze off.
Loki left him to sleep.
"Tell me if his fever gets to high again." Loki ordered.
"Shall do Sir."
“I would like to thank you for helping Mr. Stark.” Jarvis said to the god.
"You don't need to thank me."
“I really must. Other than Ms. Potts and Dr. Banner, there are not many that remain at Mr. Stark’s side.” Jarvis continued.
"Consider my aid to his health to be payment for saving me." Loki said.
“Again, I thank you.” Jarvis said. “I’ve taken the liberty of ordering a few new books for you. I noticed you were almost done with the last ones Mr. Stark purchased for you.”
Loki chuckled. "Thank you Jarvis."
“Of course Mr. Laufeyson.” Jarvis adjusted the temperature in Loki’s room.
Loki settled in and fell asleep again.
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crystalwof78 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
omg for some reason the parts when he talking from the fever to Loki I started to tear up wtf O: course I am having a summer cold right now ugh
jack-o-lantern12 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh noes! *hugs* Hope you get better soon!
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