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"Yes?" he answered.
“I’m taking Pepper out to lunch tomorrow. The place is in another state, so I’ll be gone for a little while. The tower’s gonna be on lock down and Fury’ll send agents to keep watch.”
Loki looked at him. "You'll make sure they can't get to me?" he asked.
Tony smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry; they won’t get inside the tower. And I won’t be gone too long, so you’ll be okay.”
Loki nodded. "Thank you."
Tony just shrugged. “I try. We’ll be leaving pretty early in the afternoon tomorrow so you’ll have the tower to yourself. I gave you new permissions, so as long as you stay inside you’ll be fine.”
“Also, the new books arrive first thing in the morning Mr. Laufeyson.” Jarvis added.
Loki nodded. The god would be well occupied with himself. He had books, movies, TV and Jarvis to keep him busy for a few hours.
Tony smiled at Loki then went back to the couch. He sat down, sniffling as he checked any new messages he had.
“I have informed Director Fury, Sir. Along with some insults, he has said that he will send a few agents over before you leave.”
Loki sighed. The one eyed monster is going to try and test me. "Isn't he?"
“I would not worry myself if I were you Mr. Laufeyson. Though Director Fury may wish to push your mind, he is not allowed within the tower unless you have caused some harm to yourself or Mr. Stark. And since neither of those has happened, you are quite safe.”
"The only one who really needs help is him." Loki said.
“I must agree with you there, Mr. Laufeyson.”
Tony grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and took a large gulp. He was feeling so much better now, it was amazing.
Loki turned back to the TV to keep watching the show called Criminal Minds.
Tony went into his room to take a warm shower. Now that he wasn’t groggy it would be easier.
"Feeling much better Sir?" Jarvis asked.
“Oh yeah, way better than I did yesterday.” Tony said as he undressed and turned on the shower.
"Well there was your one cold for the next three years."
“Yeah, hopefully. I hate getting sick.” Tony got under the hot water and sighed, his muscles relaxing.
"Start taking better care of yourself and eating at least two meals a day."
“Yeah, yeah, I will.”
“By the way Sir, I have ordered more groceries since we are running short.”
“Thanks Jarv.”
"You're welcome." he said.
“I want to get a gift for Pep.”
“Might I suggest not giving her jewelry? She truly dislikes it.”
“Yeah, I remember. How about perfume?” Tony finished his shower and wrapped a towel around his waist.
“There is one she did mention. I shall have it ordered and delivered to the tower.”
Tony dried off and pulled on some clothes then stepped out of his room, sneezing.
“All right, thanks.”
Pepper arrived a bit earlier than she’d expected the next day. She wore a fresh suit and greeted Tony with a smile.
“You’re looking better. No more sneezing.”
“A little but I’ll be fine. Here, got you something.”
Pepper sighed. "Don't let it be jewelry again Stark." She said.
“It’s not, I learned my lesson.” Tony said with a little grin. “You open that and I’ll tell Loki we’re going.” He walked over to the god’s room. “Hey Loki, we’re going out.”
Loki nodded. "Safe travels." he said to him.
Tony nodded and he headed out with Pepper.
Fury’s agents had arrived by that time and were stationed outside the tower. Jarvis had it locked down, of course, and had a few of Tony’s suits circling around.
“Your new books are out in the front room, Mr. Laufeyson.”
"Thank you Jarvis." Loki smiled going to get the books. One of the suits came to help him out them in the library and put them in an order of sorts.
“So do you like your gift?” Tony asked Pepper as they rode in the private plane.
“Yes, I do.” She smiled a bit. “Much better than jewelry.”
“Well a little birdie told me you don’t like jewelry anymore.”
“Thanks Jarvis.”
"You're welcome." Jarvis replied.
"So how is Loki doing?" She asked.
“He’s doing okay, all things considered. His weight is healthy now and he’s talking more.” Tony glanced out the window as they started arriving in Los Angeles. “And he likes pudding.”
Pepper chuckled a bit. “I think you might have mentioned that. Doesn’t he get bored sitting around the tower all day?”
“Yeah, he’s getting pretty tired of it by now. I gave him more access to other places in the tower: gym, pool, he has his library. Did you know he likes horseback riding?”
Pepper thought about it and where Loki came from. "I could see how he would." she nodded.
Tony shuddered and shook his head then got off the plane when they landed. “I don’t get it.”
Pepper just laughed a bit. “Are you scared of horses?”
"Yes you are." she said. "Every time someone mentions anything about a horse you flinch."
Tony rolled his eyes, but he did twitch a little bit. He couldn’t help it. Horses were huge and emotionless, at least according to him. Of course it didn’t help that he was a bit on the short side.
He and Pepper got into a car and they were driven to the restaurant.
“Horses are evil, okay?”
"They are not. You're just being over dramatic again." Pepper sighed.
Tony gave Pepper a mini glare then got off when they arrived at the restaurant. “I’m not dramatic.”
She rolled her eyes with a smile. "If he needs something to do I can send him some stationary and quill pens for him to write with." she suggested.
“You think he’d like that?” Tony looked at her curiously. He ordered a drink and lunch then handed his menu to the waiter.
She nodded. "I'm sure he'll love it." she smiled. Pepper pulled out her phone and quickly started to get to work on it.
Tony shrugged and sipped his drink as it arrived. “I’ll trust you on that one.” He smiled a bit at the redhead. “You know, he’s actually really cute when he smiles. Look at this.” Tony pulled up a picture and showed it to Pepper.
She smiled at the picture and nodded. "He does."
“I think he’s been happier lately.” Tony put his phone away again. “He beats himself up all the time for what happened though.”
"He has to get out of that. He's going to keep going in circles."
Tony nodded. “I’ve been talking to him about it. I just don’t get it; he was mind controlled but he acts like he did this because he wanted to.”
"But wasn't his anger towards Thor also used to fuel the whole thing?" she asked.
Tony sighed heavily and nodded a bit. “It was partially that. You think it would help him to talk to Thor about it?”
"Yeah if he could put his fist through his face." she replied.
Tony chuckled slightly. “I’d be there to make sure Loki didn’t kill his brother.” He glanced at the waiter as their food was brought over. “I just don’t like seeing him like that.”
"You can't hold his hand the entire way." she said. "You have let him try and get out of this on his own."
Tony nodded. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” He took a bite of his food and hummed in appreciation. “This is delicious. Way better than I remember.”
"It's been years since we were last here." she reminded him.
“Yeah. I miss being here. Since I moved to New York it feels like I don’t go anywhere anymore. When was the last time we went to Europe?”
"It's been a good year." She replied. "You know you could move back to the Malibu house for a while."
“Yeah but what about Loki? I can’t leave him alone at the tower.” Tony took a few more bites of his meal. He didn’t really like the idea of leaving Loki alone in Stark tower. Not to mention he’d been relocated with the Avengers; if he wanted to move, he’d have to get Fury’s approval first.
"You can't take him out of the state?" she asked. "He doesn't have any powers and as long as he stays with you he should be fine."
“I’ll talk to Fury about it, but I’m not making any promises.” Tony smiled a bit then finished his lunch. “Mmh, I need dessert.” He ordered something then sighed. “You think he’d like Malibu?”
"We can have their cake this time." She smiled. "But give it a go for yours and Loki's sake."
“I’ll talk to Fury, see if he’ll go for it. Hopefully Loki will agree to it too. Oh, did I tell you? He went for my little plan.” Tony grinned slightly. “He’s going to help on our next mission.”
Pepper smiled. "He has his powers back?" she asked.
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