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“It’s a temporary thing. He’ll be able to use them when he’s on a mission with us. Right now we’re keeping it secret. If I tell Fury about it now he’ll toss Loki back in a cell forever. We’re gonna wait until he’s helped on a few important missions and break the news then.”
Pepper nodded. "Smart idea." she said. "You should get him back into training. All that time at shield he wouldn't have just lost weight but muscle mass as well." she explained.
Tony nodded. “I’ve caught him going into the gym a few times and he fights with my suits. I’ve had to repair them every week.” Tony smiled a bit. “He’s freakishly good at fighting. He moves so fast, it’s weird. Like how Natasha fights.”
"I actually want to see him fight." Pepper commented.
“I’ll see if I’ve got video of it.” Tony grinned when their dessert arrived. “He almost destroyed one of my suits when he was fighting it. Guess he was mad.”
"So is he really strong even though he doesn't have his powers?" she asked.
“Oh yeah.” Tony paused a moment and took a bite of his cake. “He can lift me off the ground with one arm.”
Pepper's eyes widened. "Coulson wasn't kidding when he said Thor took out his men like they were nothing."
Tony laughed a bit and nodded. “That was funny. I have the surveillance from that day too if you wanna see it.” The playboy finished his slice of cake and wiped his lips.
She nodded. "Yes I want to see it."
Tony grinned and pulled his phone out and brought up the video. He handed the phone to Pepper so she could see. “Fury doesn’t know I have it.”
Pepper watched as Thor took out one man after the next as if they were children. "They really are trained to be warriors." she said.
Tony nodded. “I asked Loki about it. Apparently he spent most of his childhood training to fight. That’s all he did other than read. It’s stuff.”
"Since they were kids? That's terrible." she said.
“That’s what I said, but he told me it was part of his princely responsibilities. Fight to defend the kingdom and understand battle or something.” Tony shrugged and finished off his drink.
She shook her head. "He really takes being a prince to a new level."
“Yeah, it’s in his blood I guess. And he’s prince of two worlds, so that just makes it worse.” Tony paid for their lunch. “Where do you want to go now?”
"To a bed." she answered. "Tony I'm so tired you just don't understand.' she smiled.
Tony smiled and nodded. “All right. Let’s get you home.” He stood and walked back out with Pepper.
"Do you or Loki need anything?" he asked.
“Nah, Jarvis is keeping us stocked with food. He’s a really simple guy; he’s happy with his books and his own little space to sit in.”
"Nothing like what you thought he would be?" she asked.
“Absolutely not. He’s so quiet and polite, it’s weird. And he’s really educated. He makes me feel dumb sometimes with the way he talks.”
"What about when Thor's around you?" she asked.
Tony shook his head and laughed as they rode back to the jet. “Oh I feel like a genius around him. More than I already am.”
"They're so different." she said. "Thor sounds like he's all fun and carefree and Loki's the one that was no nonsense for anything."
Tony smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I guess so. Loki’s all manners and well spoken. And Thor’s…well…he’s Thor.”
"I bet if those two got into a fight it would destroy New York."
“If we were lucky it would only be New York.” Tony looked over and got off the car as they arrived back at the jet. He got on with Pepper and sighed.
"What's wrong Tony?" she asked.
The playboy looked at Pepper and shrugged slightly. “It’s just not fair what Loki has to go through. He says he’s okay but you can see it in his eyes that he’s miserable. Every time I bring it up to Fury he shuts cuts me off and goes on this rant about how he thinks Loki’s evil.”
"Well I hope your plan works." Pepper smiled.
Tony nodded. “Yeah, me too.”
They arrived back in New York later that night and Tony dropped Pepper off at her apartment before going back to the tower. He took off his coat and sighed.
“Jarvis, I’m back.”
“Welcome back Sir. Director Fury would like to inform you that he is quite pleased at how well Mr. Laufeyson is behaving.”
“Is that really what he said?”
“With more colorful language, certainly, but along those lines.”
"Mr. Laufeyson has gone along to bed now." He said.
Tony nodded and stretched his arms a bit as he walked into his room. “Jarvis can you call Fury for me?”
“Yes Sir. May I ask why?”
“I’ve got an idea I’m hoping he’ll listen to.”
"Sir I would advise against calling him. Let Mr. Laufeyson help out first and then tell Fury."
Tony set his jacket aside then started to take off his clothes. “Wait, you were listening to the conversation we had at the restaurant?”
“I would never Sir.”
Tony rolled his eyes. “Do you think Loki would want to go to Malibu for a while?”
"I do believe he would enjoy a change of pace." He said.
“That’s what I was gonna talk to Fury about. See if he’d let me move down there for a while.”
"Very well Sir. I shall call him in the morning for you." he said.
“Thanks.” Tony got onto his bed and sighed, closing his eyes. He didn’t even realize how tired he was until then.
"You're always welcome Sir." Jarvis said. "Good night."
Tony sighed and fell asleep rather quickly, though he didn’t dream.
Loki decided it was a good day to stay in bed. The weather was gloomy and aside from going to the bathroom every once in a while there was no reason to get up.
“You want to do what?”
Tony sighed heavily and repeated his request over the phone. “Move to Malibu, just for a little while. Look, New York is nice but I miss my home, all right? It would just be a few months.”
“And what exactly do I do if the Avengers need you? And what about Laufeyson?”
“We move him down there too. My house in Malibu is just as secure as the tower and you know it. Besides, you bother me no matter where I am and I come running.”
"Not a chance Stark." Fury said. "He doesn't move anywhere and I'm not going to give him the luxury of having a vacation."
“It’s not a vacation for him, it’s a vacation for me!”
“You’re part of the Avengers Stark; you don’t get vacations. If you wanted to stay in Malibu, maybe you shouldn’t have made yourself that armor.”
“Right, because I had a choice.” Tony snapped back at the director and Fury went silent for a moment.
“That’s not what I meant.”
“Forget it.” He hung up and breathed heavily through his nose. Tony pursed his lips then threw his phone at the wall.
“I’m going to be in the gym.” Tony walked into the gym and bandaged his hands then started punching one of the sandbags.
"Sir, I have arranged the trip. Fury says you have two weeks. The minute something goes wrong he wants you to return to New York." Jarvis explained.
Tony punched the bag hard again then paused, panting a bit. “Works for me.” He wiped some sweat from his forehead and removed the bandages on his hands as he went upstairs. He went to Loki’s room and knocked on the door.
"Sir Loki doesn't go with you. He has to return to Shield custody until you return." Jarvis told him.
Tony rolled his eyes. “Then I won’t go. Easy as that.” He turned and went over to his bar, serving himself a drink.
“I’m not going to leave him there Jarvis.” Tony said firmly.
"I understand, Sir. But perhaps Fury would agree to it if you took half a dozen shield agents with you."
Tony sighed and pulled out his phone, dialing for Fury again. He hated having to haggle like this with the man, but he was running out of options.
“What is it Stark?”
“What would it take for me to be able to take Loki to Malibu?”
“You’re really not going to let that go, are you?”
"Take a dozen agents with you. I want six of them on duty at all times." Fury replied.
“Fair deal. See you in two weeks.” Tony hung up then sprinted over to Loki’s room. He poked his head in suddenly. “Hey, do you want to take a little vacation for a while?”
"I can't leave." He said.
“Actually you can.” Tony smiled triumphantly. “I convinced Fury to let you out of the tower. We’ll have to take SHIELD security but I think it’ll be good to get out of New York for a while.”
"When can we leave?" Loki asked.
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