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"Mr. Laufeyson could you please attend to Mister Stark. He's injured himself." Jarvis said.
Loki nodded getting up to go help Tony fix whatever mess he'd made.
Tony was cleaning up the glass then went into the kitchen to wash the blood off. It wasn’t too bad, but he had pieces of glass in his hand. He winced a bit, clenching his jaw.
“Don’t laugh Jarvis.”
“I would never laugh at you Sir. The hydrogen peroxide is in the top left cabinet Sir.”
Tony reached for it then noticed Loki. “Jarvis.” He sighed out upset.
“Sir, I simply asked him to help you.”
"It's easier to remove glass when someone else can do it for you." he said.
“I’m fine.” Tony said, not looking at the god. He yanked out a piece of glass and groaned. He was quiet for a moment then sighed in defeat and let Loki look at his hand.
Loki found tweezers under Jarvis’ instructions and pulled the glass out of Stark's hand.
Tony winced slightly as Loki pulled the glass out of his hand, but didn’t say anything otherwise. He glanced at the god when he’d finished and pulled his hand back.
“I can bandage it. Thanks.”
“Sir, perhaps someone that has full use of both hands should bandage it?”
Loki finished cleaning the wound out and cleared up the blood away before wrapping a bandage around it.
Tony was quiet a moment then pulled his hand back and flexed it a bit when Loki finished.
“Thanks.” He walked past the god, his brows furrowed in agitation. He wasn’t even sure why it bothered him so much. There wasn’t a country in the world that hadn’t tried to buy the suits from him. But sometimes they’d overstep the boundary, and all Tony could hear was his father’s disappointed voice in his mind.
"You know it doesn't matter what they think. For one reason or another they will always be disappointed in you so you might as well put it out of your mind." Loki said.
Tony didn’t respond. He glanced back towards the god then went to the bar and grabbed a beer.
“I’m sorry you had to do that. I’ll be in my lab if you need something.” Tony opened the beer then went downstairs.
Though he didn’t have a physical form, Jarvis was noticeably resigned. “As I said before, he does not handle emotions well.”
Loki nodded. "That would be one thing we have in common Jarvis.”
“You two have many traits in common, I have noticed, though many of those I wish you did not share. You are both oddly shut in and yet you pretend otherwise.”
Tony sat in his lab, just looking around at all his machines. He’d finished his beer and was too drained to go back upstairs for another.
“Sir, you have done more than you can imagine. You owe your successes to no one but yourself.” Jarvis said to Tony after a moment of silence.
Loki frowned. "I do not pretend; I am a shut in. I know for a fact I am a shut in. I don't like people that much Jarvis."
“I have noticed that of you Mr. Laufeyson. You are quite the introvert.”
“Thanks Jarvis.” Tony replied quietly.
“Please believe me Sir. You are not tied down to your father’s success nor to Obadiah’s corruption. You made your suit as a means of protection and that will be its only purpose.”
"Might I suggest a stiffer drink? This time in a plastic cup?" Jarvis said.
Tony chuckled a bit, shaking his head. “That’s not like you. Usually you’re telling me not to drink because it’s bad for me.”
“It is bad for you Sir, but I’ve learned by now that speaking is not your strongest suit.”
Jarvis waited for Tony to leave the lab so he could lock it back down.
Tony sat in his lab for a while before going upstairs to get another drink. He went to the bar and mixed himself a good, strong drink before sitting and sipping it slowly. He made a face as it burned his tongue; a bit stronger than he’d meant.
Loki finished eating the sushi he'd taken to his room. Jarvis told him to wait a bit before he went to try and eat ice cream.
He felt better now that he was buzzed. Tony chuckled a bit, remembering random things from his past.
“Jarvis, do you-do you remember when I first built you?”
“Unfortunately yes Sir.”
Tony laughed a bit. “Remember I almost called you Alfred?”
“I am quite glad you changed your mind.”
"I would prefer you keep my name to be Jarvis." He said.
Tony giggled and nodded, his head rested on the island. “Do you think I should just quit?”
“Quit what Sir?”
“The Avengers. I mean…maybe Rogers is right.”
“Of course he isn’t Sir. You’re simply saying this because you are inebriated.”
Tony shrugged and reached for his glass, frowning when he saw it was empty.
Jarvis called for Loki to help Tony.
"Stark you have to realize you'll let him win by drinking like that."
Tony frowned puzzled and lifted his head, brushing his hair out of his face. “Let who win what?” He stood, stumbling a bit. He giggled as he regained his balance and reached for one of the bottles.
"Your father." he said. Loki out the bottle out of reach. "Come on time for bed."
Tony’s drunken smile faltered at the mention of his father. He turned and stumbled towards his room before leaning against the wall. He chuckled again, his eyes closed.
“He was never proud of me anyway.”
Loki grabbed Tony and heaved the man over his shoulder. "To bed with you.”
Tony yelped then laughed as he was picked up. “That’s kinda hot.” He slurred, huffing when Loki set him on the bed. He grabbed the god’s wrist and looked at him with a little smile. “I bet I could make you smile if you let me.” He said in a flirty voice then fell back against the pillows.
"No, go to sleep." he said, pulling his arm free and pushing Stark down.
Tony huffed and rolled his eyes. “I don’t like sleeping alone.” He mumbled as his eyes drooped shut. He turned over, pulling his pillow close.
"You had no problem sleeping alone two weeks ago." he said. "Off to bed."
Tony mumbled, trying to argue back was too tired to form words. He pulled the pillow close to his chest and sighed.
Loki watched him for a few moments before leaving him.
Tony grumbled quietly as he slept, furrowing his brows. He was having odd dreams, or bits and pieces of dreams. They didn’t make any sense and he tossed and turned the entire night.
Loki sighed as he went to get the ice cream he so needed.
Tony woke up after a few hours. His head hurt, though after the drink he had he wasn’t surprised. He stretched on the bed and groaned a bit, rubbing his head.
“You have been asleep for six hours Sir. How are you feeling?”
Loki was still fast asleep in his own bed though this time he left the door open for himself.
Tony went into the kitchen to get some water and an effervescent. As he waited for the thing to dissolve, he looked over at Loki’s room. He walked to the door way and watched the god quietly.
Tony was quiet before he turned and went back into the kitchen.
“I think something’s wrong with me.”
“Are you feeling unwell Sir?”
“No, it’s not that.” He sipped his drink.
Jarvis waited a moment. "Sir I think you may find Mr. Laufeyson attractive." Jarvis said.
Tony’s eyes widened and he swatted towards the ceiling. “Shh! He’ll hear you!” Tony shook his head and sipped his drink, though he certainly did agree with the AI. Not for nothing, but Loki was very attractive. Tall, lean, not to mention how well kempt he was.
Loki shifted on the bed but didn't wake up.
"So you won't deny it Sir?" he asked.
Tony sighed heavily, looking at his drink. He chugged the rest of it, making a face. “Ugh, that’s disgusting.” He pursed his lips a bit, looking towards Loki’s room again. “Is it bad if I do?”
"No, Sir. Perfectly alright but it's one sided." Jarvis said.
Tony nodded. “Yeah, I know.” He ran his fingers through his hair. He didn’t want to like Loki. He didn’t want to get close to the god because he knew what would happen: nothing. The god would reject him and then, eventually, leave.
"Sir?" Jarvis called to him. Loki had woken up and ventured out of his room.
Tony had his back to Loki and didn’t notice the god was awake. “I can’t do this Jarvis. I can’t start falling for Loki.” He continued talking and rubbed his forehead.
Loki was still partly sleep so he didn't understand half of what came out of Stark's mouth.
Tony jumped a bit and whipped back. He sighed when he saw the god was still quite groggy from sleep. “Morning.”
New chapter~
Tigeresscrazy Featured By Owner 3 days ago
The feelings may be one sided right now but if the story is going where I think it is the those feelings won't be one sided for long I never use to like the idea of tony an Loki as a couple but your story has shown me a hole other side to Loki now I don't know what pairing I like better tony an pepper tony an Steve or tony an Loki darn you writers how he heck am i going to choose a fav when you guys make each pairing seam so perfect lol
crystalwof78 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
o he is noticing feelings for Loki
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