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"When I was young and they discovered I had a gift for magic, they made me wear a necklace with a strong pendant on it to lock my powers until I could be taught. When I was caught in my father and Brother's shadows that’s when my mother began to teach me."
Tony looked at the god then down a bit. “Guess it isn’t easy to grow up when people won’t let you. But why keep your magic hidden? I mean, you were going to use it someday anyway.”
"Because as an infant and a young child you have no control over it. Simply because you want something you were told you can have your magic would bring it to you." Loki explained. "As an infant a child could destroy whole crops because of a tantrum."
Tony’s brows raised in surprise. “That’s a lot for a tantrum.” He chuckled a bit, welding some metal pieces together and started working. “The worst tantrum I ever threw ended with my dad’s lab blowing up and my arm almost getting amputated. My mom finally left him; she couldn’t stay anymore and handle him being drunk. So she left and I wanted to go with her.” Tony put on his goggles. “My dad said no.”
"That's what magic can do. This is what Thor could do upon his birth. They said that when he was born the winds howled and the lightening was no bright that anyone who looked at it directly would go blind." Loki shared. "The Thunder was deafeningly loud in correspondence to his cries."
Tony shook his head a bit upon hearing this. “Glad I could never do that. Although it would be pretty cool.” He grinned a bit then started putting wires in the arm band.
"You should have heard what some of his fits sounded like growing up." Loki said.
“Was it bad?” Tony started welding some wires to the power board then tested it to make sure it could carry the current well. He then placed it in the armband and start guiding the wires through it.
He nodded. "Windows would break and you could feel everything tremble, the thunder was so loud."
“Geez, that’s intense. But I guess coming from Point Break, that’s not too surprising.” Tony welded a few more pieces together then tested the arm band again. He grinned at Loki. “Almost done.”
Loki leaned in closer to watch Tony work.
Tony finished putting the platelets in place then picked it up and placed it somewhere else, letting it cool. “Jarvis, run some diagnostics on it.”
“Of course Sir, running now.” The AI replied and ran the scans before pulling up the results. “I would suggest rerouting the energy so it circulates within the bracelet only instead of dispersing energy Sir.”
Tony nodded and started making some fixes with the wires.
Loki grew quiet and watched Tony work while Jarvis told him where to make the slightest adjustments.
Tony grinned when he finished making the changes then looked at Loki. “All right, let’s try it out.” He took the god’s hand and put the arm band on his wrist.
"I only have to wear this when I'm on a mission yes?"
Tony nodded, making a few calibrations to the bracelet before turning it on. “Yep. It’s just cloaking; it’ll keep you out of sight but that’s it.” Tony took a step back, chuckling when Loki suddenly vanished. “All right, go ahead and walk around, I’ll have Jarvis try to find you.”
Loki moved around the room silent as the grave, or a cat as his mother use to say.
“It seems the cloaking device is working quiet well; I cannot find Mr. Laufeyson.” Jarvis finally spoke after a few minutes. Tony grinned and nodded.
“All right. So, what do you think Loki? Like it?”
"Very much." Loki smiled as he moved to the other side of the room.
Tony smiled and nodded, leaning against his table. “Good.” He looked around, trying to figure out where Loki was. “There should be a red button on it that turns the cloaking off. The green one turns it back on.”
Loki had managed to climb onto one of the cabinets in Tony's lab before turning it off. "Hello Stark."
Tony looked over and smiled a bit. “Having fun over there?” He crossed his arms then walked over. “I need to fix a few more things on it. Hey, if you want I can paint it to match your armor.”
Loki got down from the cabinet. "I was wondering if you would guess where I was." he said. "But yes having it match my armor would be nice."
Tony just shook his head. “I’m not good at tracking on my own. That’s what I have Jarvis for.” He smiled a bit then took the arm band back. “All right, it should be ready for use by tomorrow. We can test it a bit in the simulator if you want tomorrow.”
Loki nodded with a gleeful smile upon his lips. "Now shall we have dinner?"
“Dinner sounds good.” Tony hadn’t even realized he was hungry until Loki brought up dinner. He set the arm band down on the table and went upstairs with Loki. “What should we have?”
"Smoked meat sounds good." Loki said.
“Oh, I know the best person the job!” Tony grinned and had Jarvis call a crazy old Russian woman he knew. She ran a small business, but she made the best smoked meats he’d ever tasted.
Loki looked at Tony confused and asked him to explain.
“I know this lady that makes really good meats. I can order some from her then we can make whatever we want with it.” Tony placed his order then looked at the god. “I don’t have anything to make smoked meats here.”
Loki smiled and licked his lips. "Sounds good to me."
Tony chuckled. “You’re gonna love it.”
The food arrived some time later and Tony set it on the island. He paid the delivery boy then grinned.
“We have food!”
Loki smiled as he reached for the bag and started to go for it.
Tony grabbed a piece of meat and took a bite. It was so delicious. The way the meat was salted and spiced. He hummed in his throat.
“So, how do you like it?”
Loki didn't answer with food in his mouth and as he reached for more.
Tony shook his head as he watched the god. “Guess that means yes.” He chuckled a bit and kept eating his food.
“Sir, Director Fury has sent you a message.”
“All right. Go ahead and file it for me.”
“Deleting now Sir.”
Loki stopped. "You aren't even going to listen to what he has to say?" The god asked.
Tony paused and looked at Loki. “It’s just mission feedback. He probably wants me to scan the portals and see if I can figure out where they link to.” He shrugged. “Besides, Jarvis reads every message I get; he’ll tell me what it is later.”
“I’ve learned that Mr. Stark does not enjoy sifting through long documents and calls on his own, so I summarize them for him.” The AI added.
Loki nodded in understanding. "Very well." he said. "The portals are going to keep opening and something will come through them. Who is doing this I don't know." He said.
Tony sighed a bit and rubbed the back of his neck. “Can you tell where they’re opening from though? I mean, at least that way I could tell Thor and he’d be able to find out more about this.” Though Tony was good at what he did, he didn’t exactly have the technology to search other realms. He could analyze those portals to pieces and not come up with anything useful.
"I can't tell you where they are going to open from. I know that the beast that came through this day were from Vanaheim." Loki said. “It may be forces simply working on their own and soon it will pass. But if it is a portal I must go." he said.
Tony looked at the god tentatively. “I’ll talk to Thor about it, see if he can’t figure more out on his end. I don’t want you jumping through portals just yet though.” The playboy looked at Loki with worry in his eyes. What if Loki lost his powers when he passed through? Or worse: what if he didn’t come back?
"I'm not going to go jumping through any of these portals but we should wait to see where the next few portals lead."
“I could try to send a tracker through it. I’d have to find a way for it to relay information back to me without cutting out when the portal closes though.” Tony thought for a moment. “Jarvis, how quick do you think you’d be able to get a reading from a tracker?”
“That depends on how long the portals are open. If they can be maintained for at least one minute, then I can triangulate a location quite well.”
"Sir this might not be possible it's thousands possibly billions of light years away." he said.
“Look, I only need you to get a quick reading. You were still functional when I went through that wormhole, right?”
“True, though I quickly lost power and connection.”
Tony frowned, not liking this. He put his fingers together in thought, his mind reeling.
“What if…you just measure where the portal is coming from? It doesn’t have to be exact, but enough for Loki to get an idea?”
"I can't get an idea without going." He said. "That itself could prove to be a mission. Those portals could be opening at the bottom of some trench or an ocean. They could be opening and you're going to be hanging in midair falling to your death."
“Then we’re back at square one.” Tony scoffed, clearly upset about this. His mind raced with alternatives, some way that he could figure these things out.
“Sir, there’s always the possibility of simply destabilizing the portals so nothing can get through.”
Tony perked a bit. “You’re right, huh? If nothing can get through then it doesn’t matter where they’re coming from.” He looked at Loki. “Do you think it could work?”
"No don't destabilize them." Loki said. "That could possibly make them open more."
“Fuck!” Tony said loudly and hung his head back with a growl. He ran his hands over his face. “Please tell me you have an idea.” He looked at Loki.
"Not one that won’t end up without possibly dying. You can only wait for them. Look what came out when the last portals were opened. The portal I came through could have killed me."
Tony nodded, pursing his lips. “How do we do this?”
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